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You'll find the new recipe book in the eBook section.

100 Ways to Wok your Dog by Chow Chow Mein.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Notorious_dog View Post
I don't know about no preparation H? Sounds like a rapper.

And I only said that the Tiger whisker SOUNDS like snake oil.

There is no need to tell me that some medicines have naturally derived ingredients. Please!
don't make a dog cry!

So........... if you DID need rhino horns, you'd buy them? Shame on you adan, SHAME ON YOU.

Saying that ginko.b doesn't work because you know a bunch of dummies who take it with no apparent effect is like? Saying that: If you put super high-octane fuel into a crappy old slow az piece of sh*t car, its going to make the car run faster.
But in reality the car probably won't even start!
First off, Preparation H is the world's best selling hemorrhoid cream. But it's main ingredient and the main ingredient in almost all hemorrhoid creams is "shark cartilage". I used it only as a example to show that certain "modern medicines" are just "ancient medicines" with FDA certification and a fancier package.

And the fact that you acknowledged medicines having naturally derived ingredients says you understood my point.

As for the Rhino horn, never in reality... Even if I had that problem, and even if it was guaranteed to work, I'd still look for a synthetic alternative. Any medicine made from endangered species is something I wouldn't touch, unless it was a life or death situation. Sorry to say that if it was a choice of some animal going extinct and me going extinct, I don't think I'd be strong enough to sacrifice myself for the noble cause... Save someone else's life yes, but not to save an animal...

The Ginko was kind of an off hand joke... I was originally going to use "enlargement pills" for that example, but then I'd have to explain how I knew it didn't work on the other guys...

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I live about four subway stops away from a dog market. There are hundreds of dogs crammed in small cages. 8-10 full-grown dogs in a cage made for one puppy. You can see death in their eyes. That was one turn, down a street while I was exploring, I regret taking.

The way they prepare the meat is also barbaric.

***Don't read further if squeamish***

They tie the dogs up and have them hang there while they beat them to death with sticks/poles. They say it adds flavor to the meat. Google "Cat Soju" for all of you cat lovers. They aren't excluded either.
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It's bad enough that animals are being killed for food, why do humans have to make them suffer before dying in the belief it makes it tastier?
I remember watching an asian documentary where a monkey was placed in a small cage under a table which has a hole in the middle and fits exactly the monkey's shaved head. The people sitting around the table cut the skull open and pour something over it's brains before starting to make a feast out of it. All the while the monkey is screaming in pain - I couldn't get that scene out of my head even though I watched this so long ago :(
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^^Now I'm silently screaming too! That's a horrifying story.
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^^ What he said^^
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Funny how some cultures its food.. the other its a pet. Pics 2 and 5 look good though. If u didn't tell me its dog meat, i would of never of known!
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I heard clown meat is pretty tasty too, but tastes kind of funny
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Quote: Originally Posted by SteveJones7 View Post
I heard clown meat is pretty tasty too, but tastes kind of funny
lol clown meat will give make you fart up a storm too.
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Why is that more shocking that eating other animals ? (despite the fact that they are killed in terrible conditions).
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