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Default 1873 dime costs nearly $2 million

1873 dime costs a pretty penny: Nearly $2 million

A dime made in 1873 has cost someone a pretty penny: It sold for nearly $2 million at an auction in Philadelphia.
The unique coin was minted in Carson City, Nev., during a one-day run of dimes.
The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the anonymous winning bidder paid $1.6 million for the pristine coin, plus a 15 percent buyer's fee.
The 1873-CC "No Arrows" Liberty Seated dime was auctioned during a convention of the American Numismatic Association.
It's part of the Battle Born Collection, which contained one of every coin minted in Carson City before the facility closed in 1893.
All 111 pieces were parceled off Thursday night, fetching a total of nearly $10 million.

The 1873-CC "No Arrows" Liberty Seated dime

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If people back then knew what this coin was going to cost today, they would've made a lot more coins than they did.

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$2 million dollar coin vs $2 million dollar yacht... That is a tough one.
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Plasty, you have less of a life than I do!
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It is a nice coin, but there are many, many nice things in the world that I would spend $2m on before... a coin, and at that price it's hard to imagine it gaining in value, but then what do I know about such things.
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15 percent buyer's fee.. I want to be part of the group that gets some of that action!
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