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Default 2011 was not the best for me

i come from a family of six, my mother must have been pregnant from 1959 to 1967, she had a boy in 1960 a girl in 1961 another girl in1962 a son in 1964 another son in 1965 and a final son in 1967, we all grew up very close. Our father past away in 1991 he was a great man served in WW2 and Korea. My youngest brother served in the military for more than 22 years and retired,after his retirement he was employed as a civilian for the military.My mother was very sick in 2010 and 2011 including kidney failure and bone marrow cancer. My youngest brother came home august 2011 because mom was very ill. We were very close and every time he came home he stayed with me and my 3 kids. On august 16 2011 my mother was in pallative care, i worked all day, my youngest brother spent the day with my mother.After work while my kids were visiting their own mother my brother and i went for a swim at the river. We talked and had a very nice time until it was time to get to shore, we were talking the whole time, i got to shore first and when i turned to see my brother, his body was floating, my little brother had a widow maker heart attack. i had to pull his body out of the water. The worst was yet to come, telling my mom was hell. That was august 16 2011, august 25 2011 was my brother's birthday, mom was very upset on that day she fadded very fast and past on august 28 2011.
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I only wrote this to help me help myself
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The Perseverant

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Very similar to my moms family. Last year my uncle suffered his second heart attack, luckily he survived, and my Grandmother (my moms mom) passed away from lung cancer very quickly. In combination with many great aunts and uncles passing as well. My condolences on the loss of loved ones...

I cope through religion. I hope you have a way to cope as well. It doesn't take the pain away but it does help...

For what it's worth, I'll pray for you and your family. It's not much, I know. I believe that even if your not religious sometimes it helps to know someone else cares enough to pray for you.

If this is considered too "religious", I'll remove it. I'm not looking to debate this however, just trying to help.
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=ε/̵͇̿̿/̿̿ ̿ `o.O

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Very sad papasmurf , keep your chin up mate things will pick up
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shes dope

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I am so sorry to hear about all this that is going on in your life.
You have my wishes & condolences smurf
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It's good to type out your feelings, I feel incredibly sad for you since it reminds me of a family situation I can still vividly remember.

Take care
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I'm sorry too. I know how you feel because I lost someone really close to me just a few months ago.
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Sorry to hear you had a year of such tragic loss.
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Keep yer chin up mate
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Just Keep Breathing

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Keep your head up, but also allow yourself to grief, it is your right. we are here for you to vent and what not. Whatever helps you cope is all good bud. Very sorry for your losses
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We will help you after sharing your emotional burden, by telling you its going to be alright, which it will.

It sounds a bit weak, but watching comedies helps me, if I ever get depressed
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And I though my 2011 was bad :(
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I feel very sorry for you, I know very well how you feel. I've suffered tragic losses too. As others have said, write here whatever you feel, maybe it is therapeutic and can help you.

You have all my sympathy.
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It is good that you choose to share with us such a distressful time.Maybe it just needed to be written or maybe you are open to others opinions.
I have had the good fortune not to suffer from ill health & my family are the same although i am aware how easily things can spiral downhill.
I cannot comment on your situation but i hope & pray you & your family to find peace & happiness.
Treasured memories come at a heavy price.
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