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Default Big Brother is Watching You ...

Student Suspended for Refusing to Wear RFID Tracker Loses Lawsuit

A Texas high school student who claimed her student identification was the “Mark of the Beast” because it was implanted with a radio-frequency identification chip has lost her federal court bid Tuesday challenging her suspension for refusing to wear the card around her neck.

Radio-frequency identification devices are a daily part of the electronic age — found in passports, and library and payment cards. Eventually they’re expected to replace bar-code labels on consumer goods. Now schools across the nation are slowly adopting them as well.
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And soon we'll all be forced to have them implanted in us as well, the true mark of the beast. I have no doubt about that. What's easier than giving change or swiping a card and putting numbers in? Swiping your hand and automatically making immediate payment.
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It starts in prisons, then schools, then out to everyone else. Remember that because it always happens. Soon jobs will demand the same thing.
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Can't somebody else just wear your ID?
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My school had an ID card type deal in place where the teachers wouldn't allow you in class without the ID card. It had our names, faces, and ID# on them. If we didn't have them we weren't allowed it because you "never" know who it could be. I resented the idea that if I didn't have that card with me I would not be allowed into my class that I'm trying to attend, they would then phone my home and say I was skipping classes. There are so many better ideas than ID cards when it comes to a small high school like I went to. Unless there's some sort of elaborate plot involving a twin or major plastic surgery... So, I DID protest it in full. In the end, they actually got rid of ID cards in my school. A small personal success of mine :D

oh and some other guy who went to the school decided to stitch his ID card into his arm... *shudder*

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She sued, a judge tentatively halted the suspension, but changed course Tuesday after concluding that the 15-year-old’s right of religion was not breached. That’s because the district eventually agreed to accommodate the girl and allow her to remove the RFID chip while still demanding that she wear the identification like the other students.
don't see the issue now.

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^ unless of course that is a lie, they say they removed it only to make it smaller something she cant see or is hidden someplace else on the id
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I've read Babies are receiving implanted chips with parents consent.
Paranoia will eventually sink freedom.
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You seriously think they are lying about it? You seriously think the lawyers didn't verify it? You seriously think they would take a chance with it going up the court systems? Wow! That is serious paranoia!

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Uhhhhh Dude! You got a cell phone? They know where you are! The electronic fingerprint is everywhere. You don't need a chip "implanted" in you---you carry one somewhere on you most of the time. Personally, I think everyone should have one implanted to insure you are who you say you are---a quick scan---eliminate credit card fraud somewhat. Yeah, "mark of the beast"---Dude, you got a Social Security number?? Geeezzzzzz, try and get a job without one!
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