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Default Japan government: Fukushima plant leaking 300 tons/day of contaminated water into sea

(Reuters) - Japan's government believes radiation-contaminated water has been leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant for the past two years, an industry ministry official told reporters on Wednesday.

Earlier, the official said an estimated 300 tons of contaminated water was leaking into the ocean per day from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Also on Wednesday, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged to step up government efforts to stem the leaking of radioactive water.

Abe ordered the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to urgently deal with the situation and ensure the plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co, takes appropriate action to deal with the cleanup, which is expected to take more than 40 years and cost $11 billion.

The plant was severely damaged in an earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.
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Remember when the Japanese government got really jerky when a US nuclear ship would dock there.
Now we have the entire world being poisoned by their lack of concern.
I remember when the first nuclear plant came online in the US.
All the clowns claimed it would supply power so cheap that a meter on the house would be foolish.....yeah right!
The Germans have terminated their nuclear ventures.
It was a really bad idea from the beginning and is not getting any better as time passes.
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This is the biggest ecological disaster in human history. bigger than chernobyl,bigger than the gulf of mexico(the oil spill).truly a biblical proportion.
the whole ocean surrounding Japan is now Nuclear, the fish,the rif...the whole system!
I mean america threw 2 junk bombs into the australian rif the whole world gone crazy but this, not a word.

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I believe according to enews its more like 400 tons.
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My god... that's horrible.

I don't want to come across as a conspiracy theorist, but their's a real struggle coming in the not so distant future.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Quantrel View Post
Remember when the Japanese government got really jerky when a US nuclear ship would dock there.
Er... I wonder why....

On another note, bring on the mutants!
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So we're ****ed to the point of no return?
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it's an extremely difficult situation to clean up.....
people who are traveling to japan this summer.....be careful, especially with what you eat and drink. it's probably safer to head farther from tokyo....but i've heard even osaka is cautious
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lol i pretty much always knew about this since i visit alternative media blogs and it is part of why i stopped eating fish.
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Two years. Has it really been that long.

It wouldn't hurt for most people to actually learn something about radiation, rather than rely on what they've gleaned from 1950's horror / sci-fi movies.

It's no-where as nasty, as the popular perception.
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saw more about this last night. Would you believe, its the actual company that owns the power plant that's in charge of cleaning it up. They've been given a few hundred million from the Japanese Govt to fix it, yet the Govt has very little involvement. WTF? The company was dodging questions like they were throwing snakes at them. "Don't worry. We're got everything under control."

To make it even more laughable, know how they have to fix it? Well, its contaminated groundwater thats the big issue.

They have to FREEZE it ie freeze the ground and the watertable.

So they are drilling holes and putting refrigerating rods down by the looks....and it will take months to complete.

bottomline: dont eat any fish from Japan.
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