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Default Kim Dotcom attacks Obama with new song "Mr. President"


Megaupload's Kim Dotcom — the man behind one of the most well-known file sharing sites — has a message for US President Barack Obama: where is your promise to keep the Internet free?

Dotcom, the 38-year-old founder of ***************, has come forth with his latest attempt to make a splash in the same industry that has employed every tactic in the book to put him behind bars. Even after being targeted by an international witch-hunt spearheaded by the Recording Industry Association of America, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and selected members of the US Congress, Dotcom has dropped a new musical number of his own.

And, of course, Dotcom has made the song available free of charge all over the Internet.

“Mr. President,” a bouncy, 4-minute-long request meant for Washington, was released on Friday, and Dotcom doesn’t hold back in his appeal for Internet freedoms. Dotcom may have been made the poster boy of online piracy thanks to an array of enemies in the RIAA, Hollywood and Capitol Hill, but in his latest number he embraces that allegations that he has facilitated copyright infringement and asks for his fans to demand a chance with the ways the Web is governed.

“The war for the Internet has begun,” Dotcom declares over a simplistic synthesizer lead. “Hollywood is in control of politics / The Government is killing innovation / Don't let them get away with that.”

Dotcom has been a central figure in Washington’s war on online piracy for years now, but a highly publicized raid of his New Zealand mansion on January 20 has propelled him to near-iconic status. The FBI alleges that, by masterminding the operations of Megaupload, Dotcom cost Hollywood upwards of half a billion dollars in lost revenue. Since those allegations were delivered, though, Dotcom has spent six months mostly hulled up in his home, yet still jumping on just about every opportunity to attack America and its justice system.
The video:
I initially thought his video was a presidential campaign - that would have been interesting. I like Obama and I don't think anyone else being put in charge will do anything either unless it is truly someone independent from any of these organisations

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Long live the fat man!
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Good for him....go boy go!!!!
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Nice share, thanks :)
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am I the only one who just thinks this song is ridiculous?
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Quote: Originally Posted by grayscale View Post
am I the only one who just thinks this song is ridiculous?
Nope, just more Anon faggotry from Kim imho.
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In this situation, the question is not who is guilty of what, but who is the most guilty.

As for the song itself, feel free to point out what is wrong with it, with something more than just a oneliner, gentlemen. For a second I could've sworn that the chat turned into YouTube.

Come to think of it, maybe it all isn't that bad to hate on the fat guy. I mean, he was entirely responsible for his business. The law that recently stepped down was just a fraud by declaring MU's takedown as "unlawful". And what's with his face on the internet all the time? I get so tired of him trying to gain support. There's no excuse for him throwing out propaganda against the just & noble US government, coypright industry, and the FBI. It's his own fault that the company got destroyed. He should've opened all storage servers entirely up for the RIAA and MPAA to properly protect us.

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It's actually a cute little song, sounds like something that would've come out during the late 80s or early 90s :)
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"You know, bottom line is that Dotcom did actually take advantage of internet piracy. I mean, come on, lets not be silly, as if he's totally innocent."

Yap. True. The guy is a showoff too and tries to ride on the revolutionary train because its cool this days. Obviously being a public figuire will help his case too. But his Megabox idea sounds very good and MU itself was a great business for everybody too, not just pirates. (Mods anyone ?) Not to mention the very fair freemium model without 25kbs dl speed like some other hoster.

He sure profited from piracy a lotbut on the other side, so did even complete other businesses like ISPs or hard drive manufacturers for example. Even the content industry profit from it in many ways like free mouth to mouth propaganda if the product was appealing. If it balances the "losses" and how big they are is on an other sheet.

But who is innocent then ? The lobby that creates laws that are against a lot of people ? They say most of the content on MU was illegal, MU had hundreds millions of users. By the MAFIAA logic hundreds millions of people are all criminals...because they download freaking stuff and do POTENTIAL harm to a billion $ industry. I really cant take complains for somebody like that serious or be on their side.

But much funnier is, that they dont even play by their own rules. So even if MAFIAA and USA were 100% in the right, it still doesnt justify illegal means against the guy. Okay, if he was a mass murderer rapist with weapons of mass destruction, the raid would be fine but against a fat, kinda shady businessman with family ?

More ot: the song sucks but eh, its all about the message or something
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couldn't even get half way through.
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I like this guy. He appeared to play by the rules set out by the people who took him down. But it doesn't really matter what I think, nothing will change on that basis alone.

When banks do it with your money and steal millions of dollars then get bailed out and continue with no one ever being charged that is okay. But heaven forbid someone download a file. Isn't that just a tad bit hypocritical? Since when is data that has no physical state more valuable then a human life? I know its not a correct way of saying it but you get the drift.

Kill someone by drinking and driving lots of examples, or even accidental. Get a fine MAYBE serve time. But heaven forbid you download some movies.

Make cheaper clone inferior airplane parts that kill people, tsk tsk just a fine. The list is very long here, so I will just leave it here.
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Not sure what to think of this video. K.C definitely made big money by providing us with an avenue to upload and download copyrighted media, but I'd be a supreme hypocrite if I criticized him for it when I've used Megaupload countless times. That said, he is a cocky ba$tard who likes to play with fire, but that's his choice. Wonder what he'll do next to stay in the headlines?
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