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Default Map of London

A graphic designer has spent hundreds of hours, over six months, drawing a map of London. David Ryan Robinson, 23, created the map when he moved to London to help him get his bearings. The hand-drawn map of central and inner city London features quirky annotations that don't appear on traditional maps...

...The Cartoon Network designer said: I had just moved to London when I started the map, everything was very new and exciting. We had the Olympics coming up and London was 'the place to be' so I decided to challenge myself and draw a map of the capital....

...Limited edition silk screen prints of the map are available to buy online for 125 at

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The house with the pitchfork and horns is where Ano lives!
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Ah, you only showed this because you can't show a map of Tassie (Tasmania)

Now use your (origination???Stupid autocorrect IMAGINATION) fella's and look at the outline!

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Is there a character limi

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Awesome work. Lots of effort for sure!
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haha! "boring building"! great amount of effort!

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Is there a character limi

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hahaha. Not the effort in the actual drawing, but because it's made considering an actual map. Even though this is easy to draw, to make it so it respects the original map may take a bit of effort, at least for me. :)
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