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I've been able to D/L most things there again these last couple of days, but for some files it still reads: This link is currently offline for scheduled maintenance, please try again later.

Yeah right... scheduled <_<
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okay, so i've been auto charged on my credit card..

guess its time to cancel. DAMMMNNN it.. Another bites the dust..
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Quote: Originally Posted by thechainremains View Post
it's been a about a week and half now.. All new release sites have avoided uploading there.. i also tried to download some TV shows.. no dice at all..

R.I.P megashares... First Streamload/then Mediamax../then filesonic and fileserve.. now this..

What's next to go rapidshare????
Rapidgator or ryushare.

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Megashares is online and works fine, I have just downloaded a file. This thread is quite old and when it was opened megashares was under maintenance.
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"This link is currently offline for scheduled maintenance. [ 22% ] complete."
And it stays like that for days on end. It doesn't happen with all MS links I've tried of late, but quite a few of them are AWOL even though they don't seem to have been DMCA'ed.
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