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View Poll Results: Would you still dl my movies if i will reduce the filesize? (i need much more clicks)
Yes, i have a premium account, so i don't care about filesize 20 64.52%
No, i won't dl from you anymore, 'cause i am a free user 6 19.35%
Yes, but not that much anymore 5 16.13%
Voters: 31. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 03-15-12, 02:40 PM   #197
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your longtime efforts have been appreciated. keep whats important in life to you. your kung fu will be re-united in the future.
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file sonic is a waste since you can no loger download ....whats the F@@n" poit
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Old 04-16-12, 02:42 PM   #199

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Be Good M8 keep the stuff what's real always in priority,myself and all the Fans i believe as well really thank you a bunch for all the work and time you put into this wonderfull collection,i hope things will look very well in the future and you will once again have the time you need to give us these great classic flicks once again
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Old 05-02-12, 05:24 PM   #200
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Whoops! My bad.

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Old 06-21-12, 02:32 PM   #201
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I'm love old clasicc kung-fu movies your post it's great and fabulous for my, very thanks.
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Old 07-15-12, 01:22 PM   #202
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you will be missed.... Thanks for all your assistance and movie shares
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Old 05-24-13, 07:43 PM   #203

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Thanks for all the work. Hopefully you can come back to it eventually.
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