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So many disbelievers here. When capitalism has fallen, all kinds of aliens will invade the Earth... Nazis from the Moon, Soviets from Mars and E.T. who doesn't give a sh**. Oh and my peni* will grow another 9 inches. Better believe it...


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What's everyone talking about? The apocalypse happened last year, yet none of you even remembers that?

"some of them don't even realize they're dead..." - Sixth Sense

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NASA must be bored out their minds to think this needs further debunking. However your might want to also check out this:

I'm pretty sure the ancient Mayans had 3 calendars. Solar, Religious and Long Count. The long count is the one which some bozo, Can't remember his name started promoting as 'evidence' that "We all going to die oh the children what about the children" BS back in the 70's I think.

Anyway here is what I said last time I came across a post regarding DOOMS LMAO DAY Predictions.

All I can say is that, end of world predictions probably predate history. And for some, The Ancient Mayans for instance; the end of the world so to speak has come and gone. However so far EVERY DAMN one of these predictions have been wrong. EVERY DAMN one. So I'll play the odds.

I remember the Millennium bug and being fairly computer savvy realised the worst that could happen is me having to manually adjust the date on my pc. It boggled my mind to see the extent to which people can become entangled in hysteria. I was in the MYER store and saw a toaster for sale labelled 'Millenium safe'. I mean for god's sake A TOASTER. Damn thing didn't even have a clock.

So AFTER 2012 comes and goes an NOTHING happens out of the ordinary. There will be another to take it's place and I am damn sure a whole bunch of people will do a great impersonation of the 'Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man' then as well.

Just relax, live your life and enjoy it as best you can and leave all the 'end is nigh' to the fiction writers where it belongs. :)

Just my opinion.

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Give me your Glow juice..

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Xanth, José Argüelles is the man that started (or at least liked to think of himself as the birth of the prophecy) the 2012 phenom revolving around the Mayan calendar system. the Mayan elders have denied any relevance or correlation to their calendar or belief system. José Argüelles also denies basing his predictions on the Mayans or their calendar. But throughout his books he references them. hes dead now (mar 2011) so, maybe his calendar was up!

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