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Default What are 'Web DL episodes' ?

I was gonna download the regular 720p HDTV version, then i saw a post about a WEB DL dd5 or something.

the show was lost and i was wondering what does the web dl version has, that the other versions don't have?
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Default Re: What are 'Web DL episodes' ?

web dl doesn't has chanel logo and ads.
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Default Re: What are 'Web DL episodes' ?

er well hdtv rips dont have ads too but

web rips are larger in size and are generally better quality over hdtv rips with DD 5.1

think web rips come from itunes or soemthing rather than hdtv rips from cable/sat.

not sure if theres more to it.
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guess that makes sense, I thought they were ripped off a flash website or something... need my
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From what I have noticed, WEB-DL episodes are originally from the iTunes store. The quality is excellent and the file size is pretty good too.
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Thanks for the info. did not know this.
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