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Help '11 - Jolie Holland - Pint of Blood

Jolie Holland - Pint of Blood

Fighting the injustices of lossy audio I bring you another installment of lossless audio.

Artist................: Jolie Holland
Album...............: Pint of Blood
Genre...............: Americana
Source..............: CD
Year..................: 2011
Ripper...............: NMR
Codec................: Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
Version..............: FLAC 1.2.1 20070917
Quality...............: Lossless, (avg. bitrate: 755kb/s)
Channels............: Stereo / 44100 HZ / 16 Bit
Tags..................: VorbisComment
Included.............: EAC Rip w/ Log, Cue, M3U
Covers...............: Front



"With Creole roots in New Orleans, Jolie Holland was born and raised in Texas. By the age of six she was writing songs on the toy piano. In her early teenage years Jolie added fiddle and guitar to her set of tools. It soon became clear that the classroom was not the place to grow as an artist. After leaving home, Jolie fell into a set of artists that traveled like a circus without a tent or a destination. They bummed around between Austin and New Orleans, soaking up the flavors of the South. Then, Jolie headed out West and made her way up the coast to Vancouver. She co-founded a folk outfit called the Be Good Tanyas. After contributing to the groups' first album, Blue Horse, Jolie set off to lead her own project in San Francisco.

There a series of solo demo recordings started making the rounds. Stark yet filled with imagery, Holland's work was folk in an American, Texas tradition, but accessed the fractured hope and gathered darkness of the country's past in beautiful and affecting new ways. The buzz surrounding the demos grew and grew, with national mags lining up with applause and Tom Waits nominating Holland for the esteemed Shortlist music prize. All of this led to Anti's signing Holland in August 2003; that November, the recordings were officially issued as Catalpa. Paste Magazine said this about Catalpa and its author: "…A songwriting talent of poetic grace… Holland's voice is a remarkably supple instrument; and her phrasing and the way she sidles up to notes is nearly miraculous."

In April 2004 Holland returned with her actual studio debut. Entitled Escondida, the LP was a skillful blend of blues, folk, gospel, and musky vocal jazz, and immediately established Holland as one of the nation's most important young songwriters."


Jolie Holland & the Grand Chandeliers' Pint of Blood was reportedly loosely inspired by Neil Young's Zuma, "with nods to" the Velvets, Rolling Stones, and David Bowie. That may be true -- to a degree -- in sonics and production, but it's also pure Holland; it's in her keen lyric observations of the human heart -- the equanimity with which it practices perseverance, endurance, love, betrayal, deception, acceptance, and experiences joy -- and the organic, idiosyncratic manner in which she approaches melody and songcraft. Co-produced by Holland and Shazad Ismaily; the Grand Chandeliers are Ismaily and guitarist Grey Gersten, with honorary member Marc Ribot. This set was recorded in various small studios, but feels "live." The Young inspiration is apparent on the set's heartbreaking opening track, "All Those Girls," in the the country shuffle at its heart, and the distorted lead guitar break. But Holland also channels the wide-open emotion of Lucinda Williams in her vocal delivery; it feels like an homage rather than emulation. "Remember" is a crackling, limber rocker with the provocative lyric for a love song: "It brings a smile to my lips/When I think of your fist/Narrowing in on & cracking his ribs." "Gold and Yellow," with its strolling country-rock pulse, is the album's true centerpiece. Hers and Gersten's electric guitars engage one another, finding mini bridges in dynamic shifts and shrouded harmonies even in the verses. Ismaily's bass and drums keep it almost in the pocket, though the rhythm's just loose enough to classify as a barroom shuffle. "June" is a sexy love song that ends with the words, "I'm imagining tall mountains out of clouds/And dreaming on your honeysuckle mouth." "Wreckage," with its fingerpopping, warm electric guitars and acoustic strummed ones, embraces early vocal group rock & roll; it evokes Doc Pomus via his spiritual son, Lou Reed. "Little Birds" marries early rock & roll to West African highlife. "The Devil's Sake" is a brooding, loosely metered country-blues waltz, with searing lyrics like "Only your bones can tell my hands that you're right...". It features Ribot in his lone guest appearance, on National steel guitars and National ukuleles playing slide. The album closes with a gospelized, ghostly reading of Townes Van Zandt's "Rex's Blues." Holland's vocal is backed by her upright piano and violin and Ismaily's bass. It's haunting, beautiful, and echoes long after the record is over. Pint of Blood is a portrait of Holland embracing rock & roll as another of her roots music inspirations. Yet her ambition is grounded in her organic approach to sound, the spontaneity of performance, and the growing artfulness in her songwriting. She's never been more as completely herself on record as she is here. ~ Thom Jurek

Paste (magazine) - "Holland's dusky voice savors every syllable, turning familiar words into wholly new forms..."

Uncut (magazine) (p.90) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "Marc Ribot shadows Holland's haunted vocal on 'The Devil's Sake' with serpentine slide guitar lines, and Ismaily's phantom groove transforms 'Wreckage' into a jukebox hit from some parallel universe."



1. (00:03:12) Jolie Holland - All Those Girls
2. (00:03:42) Jolie Holland - Remember
3. (00:03:29) Jolie Holland - Tender Mirror
4. (00:03:15) Jolie Holland - Gold and Yellow
5. (00:02:35) Jolie Holland - June
6. (00:02:49) Jolie Holland - Wreckage
7. (00:04:17) Jolie Holland - Little Birds
8. (00:04:01) Jolie Holland - The Devil's Sake
9. (00:04:44) Jolie Holland - Honey Girl
10. (00:05:24) Jolie Holland - Rex's Blues

Playing Time.........: 00:37:27
Total Size...........: 204.00 MB

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