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Default Pixies - Doolittle (2016)

Pixies - Doolittle (2016)
Label: 4AD
Country: USA
Genre: Rock,Alternative Rock,Noise Pop
Quality: FLAC 5.1 (tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless [96kHz/24bit]
Time: 00:38:56
Full Size: 2,2 Gb

There's a special treat for Pixies fans coming next month with the release of a limited Pure Audio Blu-Ray version of their classic album, Doolittle.
First released in 1989 and although their second album, Doolittle was the first Pixies record to be made commercially available in their native US. An instant hit with both critics and fans, its slow burn success has since helped it to sell close to a million copies in their homeland alone. Among the many plaudits thrown its way, Pitchfork ranked it at Number 4 in their Best Albums of the 80s poll, while NME writers in 2004 named it the second best album of all time. 2009 saw the band tour the album to celebrate its 20th birthday, and 5 years on in 2014, the band released a deluxe 25th Anniversary edition on triple CD & LP.
Now in a first for both band and 4AD, Doolittle is being released as a Pure Audio Blu-Ray which contains both the album in high definition (96 kHz / 24 bit) 5.1 surround sound - having been remixed by audio specialist Kevin Vanbergen (FX) from the original analogue multi-tracks - and a HD transfer of the original stereo mix by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. The results are a revelation, separating out elements from the recordings that are buried in the stereo mix and adding space, depth and a clarity to the performances without diluting their energy and impact.

After 1988's brilliant but abrasive Surfer Rosa, the Pixies' sound couldn't get much more extreme. Their Elektra debut, Doolittle, reins in the noise in favor of pop songcraft and accessibility. Producer Gil Norton's sonic sheen adds some polish, but Black Francis' tighter songwriting focuses the group's attack. Doolittle's most ferocious moments, like "Dead," a visceral retelling of David and Bathsheba's affair -- are more stylized than the group's past outbursts. Meanwhile, their poppy side surfaces on the irresistible single "Here Comes Your Man" and the sweetly surreal love song "La La Love You." The Pixies' arty, noisy weirdness mix with just enough hooks to produce gleefully demented singles like "Debaser," -- inspired by Bunuel's classic surrealist short Un Chien Andalou -- and "Wave of Mutilation," their surfy ode to driving a car into the sea. Though Doolittle's sound is cleaner and smoother than the Pixies' earlier albums, there are still plenty of weird, abrasive vignettes: the blankly psychotic "There Goes My Gun," "Crackity Jones," a song about a crazy roommate Francis had in Puerto Rico, and the nihilistic finale "Gouge Away." Meanwhile, "Tame," and "I Bleed" continue the Pixies' penchant for cryptic kink. But the album doesn't just refine the Pixies' sound; they also expand their range on the brooding, wannabe spaghetti western theme "Silver" and the strangely theatrical "Mr. Grieves." "Hey" and "Monkey Gone to Heaven," on the other hand, stretch Francis' lyrical horizons: "Monkey"'s elliptical environmentalism and "Hey"'s twisted longing are the Pixies' versions of message songs and romantic ballads. Their most accessible album, Doolittle's wide-ranging moods and sounds make it one of their most eclectic and ambitious. A fun, freaky alternative to most other late-'80s college rock, it's easy to see why the album made the Pixies into underground rock stars.


• 2016 5.1 Mix By Kevin Vanbergen
1 Debaser 2:52
2 Tame 1:55
3 Wave Of Mutilation 2:04
4 I Bleed 2:34
5 Here Comes Your Man 3:21
6 Dead 2:21
7 Monkey Gone To Heaven 2:57
8 Mr. Grieves 2:05
9 Crackity Jones 1:24
10 La La Love You 2:43
11 No. 13 Baby 3:51
12 There Goes My Gun 1:49
13 Hey 3:31
14 Silver 2:25
15 Gouge Away 2:45

Black Francis - vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar
Kim Deal - bass guitar, vocals, slide guitar #14
Joey Santiago - lead guitar, backing vocals
David Lovering - Drums, lead vocals #10, bass guitar #14

Arthur Fiacco - cello #7
Karen Karlsrud - violin #7
Corine Metter - violin #7
Ann Rorich - cello #7

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Default Uriah Heep - Very 'eavy Very 'umble (Deluxe edition) - (1970) [2016]

Uriah Heep - Very 'eavy Very 'umble (Deluxe edition) - (1970) [2016]
Label: Sanctuary Records
Country: UK
Genre: Hard Rock
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless [96kHz/24bit]
Time: 1:45:06
Full Size: 1.53 GB

Remastered by Andy Pearce, 2016
01. Gypsy
02. Walking in Your Shadow
03. Come Away Melinda
04. Lucy Blues
05. Dreammare
06. Real Turned On
07. I'll Keep On Trying
08. Wake Up (Set Your Sights)

Alternate Versions (24/44.1)
01. Gypsy
02. Real Turned On
03. Dreammare
04. Come Away Melinda
05. Born in a Trunk
06. Wake Up (Set Your Sights)
07. I'll Keep On Trying
08. Walking in Your Shadow
09. Lucy Blues
10. Born in a Trunk (Instrumental)
11. Magic Lantern
12. Bird of Prey (US)

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Default Uriah Heep - Salisbury (Expanded Edition) - [1971] (2016)

Uriah Heep - Salisbury (Expanded Edition) - [1971] (2016)
Label: Sanctuary Records
Country: UK
Genre: Hard Rock
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless 24/96 (24/44.1)
Full Size: 1.6 GB

Original Album 2016 Remaster
01. Bird Of Prey 4:10
02. The Park 5:36
03. Time To Live 3:57
04. Lady In Black 4:39
05. High Priestess 3:39
06. Salisbury 16:03

An Alternative Salisbury (24/44.1)
07. High Priestess 3:47
08. Time To Live 4:30
09. The Park 5:58
10. Simon The Bullet Freak 3:46
11. Bird Of Prey 4:42
12. Here Am I 8:33
13. Lady In Black 5:17
14. Salisbury (Live) 17:34
15. Salisbury 16:24

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Default Anglagard - Live: Made in Norway (2017)

Anglagard - Live: Made in Norway (2017)
Label: Anglagard Records
Country: Sweden
Genre: Progressive Rock,Symphonic progressive rock
Quality: FLAC (tracks) / DTS 5.1 (tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless [48-16] / [48-24]
Time: 1:59:47
Full Size: 636 Mb / 3,57 Gb

1 Introvertus Fugu Part I
2 Hostsejd
3 Langtans Klocka
4 Jordrok
5 Sorgmantel
6 Vandringar I Vilsenhet
7 El Impetu Del Bosque (Drum Solo)
8 Kung Bore
9 Sista Somrar

Linus Kase: Hammond B3, Piano, Rhodes, Mini Moog, Mellotron, Soprano Saxophone and Vocals
Eric Hammarstrom: Drums, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Gran Casa and Percussion
Jonas Engdegard: Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar
Anna Holmgren: Flute, Tenor Saxophone, Mellotron, Melodica, Recorder, Percussion and Balloons
Tord Lindman: Electric Guitar, Vocals, Gong and Percussion
Johan Brand: Bass Guitar, Moog Minitaur and Bass Pedals


DTS 5.1
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Default Duane Allman - An Anthology (1972) [2016]

Duane Allman - An Anthology (1972) [2016]
Label: Island Def Jam
Country: USA
Genre: Rock,Southern rock,Blues,Blues rock,Jam,Soul
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless [96kHz/24bit]
Time: 1:31:21
Full Size: 2.03 GB

1 B.B. King Medley: Sweet Little Angel/It's My Own Fault/How Blue Can You Get 07:12
2 Hey Jude 04:04
3 The Road Of Love 00:02:57
4 Goin' Down Slow 00:08:49
5 The Weight 03:00
6 Games People Play 02:48
7 Shake For Me 02:42
8 Loan Me A Dime 13:03
9 Rollin' Stone 05:03
10 Livin On The Open Road 03:05
11 Down Along The Cove 03:05
12 Please Be With Me 03:51
13 Mean Old World 03:53
14 Layla 07:08
15 Statesboro Blues (Live At The Fillmore East/1971) 04:19
16 Don't Keep Me Wonderin' 03:30
17 Stand Back 03:27
18 Dreams 07:18
19 Little Martha 02:09

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Default ZZ Top - The Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990 [2013]

ZZ Top - The Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990 [2013]
Label (Catalog#): Warner Bros. Records
Country: USA
Genre: Hard Rock,Blues Rock
Quality: Flac (tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless [192kHz/24bit] (Afterburner and Recycler are 44.1kHz/24bit)
Time: 06:07:03
Full Size: 11.35 GB

This ten-album, must-have set includes ZZ Top's acclaimed albums: ZZ Top's First Album, Rio Grande Mud, Tres Hombres, Fandango!, Tejas, Deguello, El Loco, Eliminator, Afterburner and Recycler. This collection features the hit singles, "Brown Sugar," "Goin' Down To Mexico," "Francine," "Bar-B-Q," "Jesus Just Left Chicago," "La Grange," "Balinese," "Heard It On The X," "Tush," "Tube Snake Boogie," "Pearl Necklace," "Heaven, Hell Or Houston," "Gimme All Your Lovin'," "Sharp Dressed Man," "Legs," "Sleeping Bag," "Rough Boy," "Velcro Fly," "My Head's In Mississippi," "Give It Up," and much, much more.

This sturdy American blues-rock trio from Texas consists of Billy Gibbons (guitar), Dusty Hill (bass), and Frank Beard (drums). They were formed in 1970 in and around Houston from rival bands the Moving Sidewalks (Gibbons) and American Blues (Hill and Beard). Their first two albums reflected the strong blues roots and Texas humor of the band. Their third album (Tres Hombres) gained them national attention with the hit "La Grange," a signature riff tune to this day, based on John Lee Hooker's "Boogie Chillen." Their success continued unabated throughout the '70s, culminating with the year-and-a-half-long Worldwide Texas Tour.
Exhausted from the overwhelming workload, they took a three-year break, then switched labels and returned to form with Deguello and El Loco, both harbingers of what was to come. By their next album, Eliminator, and its worldwide smash follow-up, Afterburner, they had successfully harnessed the potential of synthesizers to their patented grungy blues groove, giving their material a more contemporary edge while retaining their patented Texas style. Now sporting long beards, golf hats, and boiler suits, they met the emerging video age head-on, reducing their "message" to simple iconography. Becoming even more popular in the long run, they moved with the times while simultaneously bucking every trend that crossed their path. As genuine roots musicians, they have few peers; Gibbons is one of America's finest blues guitarists working in the arena rock idiom -- both influenced by the originators of the form and British blues-rock guitarists like Peter Green -- while Hill and Beard provide the ultimate rhythm section support.
One of the few rock & roll group with its original members still aboard after four decades, ZZ Top play music that is always instantly recognizable, eminently powerful, profoundly soulful, and 100% American in derivation. They have continued to support the blues through various means, perhaps most visibly when they were given a piece of wood from Muddy Waters' shack in Clarksdale, MS. The group members had it made into a guitar, dubbed the "Muddywood," then sent it out on tour to raise money for the Delta Blues Museum. ZZ Top's support and link to the blues remains as rock solid as the music they play. A concert CD and DVD, Live from Texas, recorded in Dallas in 2007 and featuring a still vital band, were both released in 2008. The Rick Rubin and Gibbons-produced La Futura, the band's 15th studio album, and the group's first new studio outing since 2003's Mescalero, appeared in 2012

1970 - ZZ Top's First Album
01. (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree (2:35)
02. Brown Sugar (5:25)
03. Squank (2:49)
04. Goin' Down To Mexico (3:24)
05. Old Man (3:27)
06. Neighbor, Neighbor (2:21)
07. Certified Blues (3:28)
08. Bedroom Thang (4:40)
09. Just Got Back From Baby's (4:10)
10. Back Door Love Affair (3:20)

1972 - Rio Grande Mud
01. Francine (3:34)
02. Just Got Paid (4:27)
03. Mushmouth Shoutin' (3:49)
04. Ko Ko Blue (4:33)
05. Chevrolet (3:21)
06. Apologies To Pearly (2:40)
07. Bar-B-Q (3:26)
08. Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell (7:21)
09. Whiskey'N Mama (3:21)
10. Down Brownie (2:30)

1973 - Tres Hombres
01. Waitin' For The Bus (2:53)
02. Jesus Just Left Chicago (3:30)
03. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers (3:26)
04. Master Of Sparks (3:31)
05. Hot, Blue And Righteous (3:17)
06. Move Me On Down The Line (2:31)
07. Precious And Grace (3:10)
08. La Grange (3:53)
09. Shiek (4:06)
10. Have You Heard? (3:14)

1975 - Fandango {CVAL_traks}
01. Thunderbird (4:10)
02. Jailhouse Rock (1:56)
03. Backdoor Medley (9:52)
04. Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings (2:44)
05. Blue Jean Blues (4:44)
06. Balinese (2:37)
07. Mexican Blackbird (3:06)
08. Heard It on the X (2:26)
09. Tush (2:17)

1976 - Tejas
01. It's Only Love (4:24)
02. Arrested for Driving While Blind (3:07)
03. El Diablo (4:21)
04. Snappy Kakkie (2:58)
05. Enjoy and Get It On (3:25)
06. Ten Dollar Man (3:41)
07. Pan Am Highway Blues (3:15)
08. Avalon Hideaway (3:08)
09. She's a Heartbreaker (3:03)
10. Asleep in the Desert (Instrumental) (3:30)

1979 - Deguello
01. I Thank You (3:25)
02. She Loves My Automobile (2:24)
03. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide (4:53)
04. A Fool For Your Stockings (4:17)
05. Manic Mechanic (2:36)
06. Dust My Broom (3:09)
07. Lowdown On The Street (2:50)
08. Hi Fi Mama (2:25)
09. Cheap Sunglasses (4:49)
10. Esther Be The One (3:30)

1981 - El Loco
01. Tube Snake Boogie (3:05)
02. I Wanna Drive You Home (4:49)
03. Ten Foot Pole (4:24)
04. Leila (3:18)
05. Don't Tease Me (4:23)
06. It's So Hard (5:12)
07. Pearl Necklace (4:07)
08. Groovy Little Hippie Pad (2:44)
09. Heaven, Hell Or Houston (2:33)
10. Party On The Patio (2:48)

1983 - Eliminator
01. Gimme All Your Lovin (4:04)
02. Got Me Under Pressure (4:03)
03. Sharp Dressed Man (4:18)
04. I Need You Tonight (6:19)
05. I Got The Six (2:54)
06. Legs (4:34)
07. Thug (4:19)
08. TV Dinners (3:51)
09. Dirty Dog (4:07)
10. If I Could Only Flag Her Down (3:40)
11. Bad Girl (3:20)

1985 - Afterburner
01. Sleeping Bag (4:06)
02. Stages (3:35)
03. Wake Up With Wood (3:50)
04. Rough Boy (4:52)
05. Can't Stop Rockin' (3:04)
06. Planet Of Women (4:07)
07. I Got The Message (3:30)
08. Velcro Fly (3:33)
09. Dipping Low (In The Lap Of Luxury) (3:15)
10. Delirious (3:42)

1990 - Recycler
01. Concrete And Steel (3:49)
02. Lovething (3:26)
03. Penthouse Eyes (3:47)
04. Tell It (4:49)
05. My Head's In Mississippi (4:25)
06. Decision Or Collision (4:03)
07. Give It Up (3:34)
08. 2000 Blues (4:45)
09. Burger Man (3:20)
10. Doubleback (3:57)

Billy Gibbons - guitar, vocals
Dusty Hill - bass, keyboards, vocals
Frank Beard - drums, percussion

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Default Mumford & Sons - Live from South Africa: Dust & Thunder (2017)

Mumford & Sons - Live from South Africa: Dust & Thunder (2017)
Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment
Country: UK
Genre: Rock,Folk Rock,Neo Folk,Alternative Rock
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless
Time: 01:25:19
Full Size: 595 Mb

1. Snake Eyes
2. I Will Wait
3. Below My Feet
4. Wilder Mind
5. Awake My Soul
6. Lover Of The Light
7. Tompkins Square Park
8. Believe
9. Ghosts That We Knew
10. The Cave
11. Ditmas
12. Dust Bowl Dance
13. Wona
14. Lampenda
15. There Will Be Time
16. Little Lion Man
17. The Wolf

Marcus Mumford - lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums
Ben Lovett - vocals, keyboard, piano, synthesiser
Winston Marshall - vocals, electric guitar, banjo
Ted Dwane - vocals, bass guitar
Chris Maas - drums
Dave Williamson - trombone
Nick Etwell - trumpet
Tom Hobden - violin

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Default VA - A Concert By The Lake 2005 (2010)

VA - A Concert By The Lake 2005 (2010)
Label (Catalog#): Eagle Rock Entertainment
Country: UK
Genre: Rock, Blues, Jazz
Quality: FLAC (tracks) / DTS 5.1 (tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless
Time: 01:52:43
Full Size: 708 Mb / 2,21Gb

Known as Band du Lac, this stunning supergroup amassed at the historic Wintershall Estate in Surrey, England to play a benefit concert for HASTE - the Heart and Stroke Trust Endeavour. With Procol Harum's Gary Brooker at the helm as musical director, guitarists Andy Fairweather Low and Mike Rutherford, keyboardist Paul Carrack, and drummer Henry Spinetti kept the crowd captivated through 23 beloved tracks, including "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" and a rousing rendition of "Tequila." This night was also chockfull of guest appearances, including Eric Clapton ("Lay Down Sally," "Willie & The Hand Jive," "Cocaine"), Ringo Starr("Photograph," "With A Little Help From My Friends"), The Drifters ("Under The Boardwalk," "Stand By Me"), Roger Taylor ("I Want To Break Free") and Katie Melua ("The Closest Thing To Crazy")

1. Tequila
2. Over My Shoulder (feat. Paul Carrack)
3. Reconsider Baby (feat. Eric Clapton)
4. Lay Down Sally (feat. Eric Clapton)
5. How Long (feat. Paul Carrack)
6. Willie & The Hand Jive (feat. Eric Clapton)
7. Crawling Up A Hill (feat. Kate Melua)
8. My Aphrodisiac Is You (feat. Kate Melua)
9. The Closest Thing To Crazy (feat. Kate Melua)
10. Lay My Burden Down (feat. Andy Fairweather Low)
11. Say It's Not True (feat. Roger Taylor)
12. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (feat. Roger Taylor)
13. I Want To Break Free (feat. Roger Taylor)
14. This World Is Rich (feat. Gary Brooker)
15. Act Naturally (feat. Ringo Starr)
16. Photograph (feat. Ringo Starr)
17. With A Little Help From My Friends (feat. Ringo Starr)
18. A Whiter Shade Of Pale (feat. Gary Brooker)
19. Stormy Monday (feat. Eric Clapton & Chris Barber)
20. Under The Boardwalk (feat. The Drifters)
21. Stand By Me (feat. The Drifters)
22. Cocaine (feat. Eric Clapton)
23. I Can't Dance (Everyone)


DTS 5.1

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Default Eagles - The Studio Albums 1972-1979 [2013]

Eagles - The Studio Albums 1972-1979 [2013]
Label: Asylum Records
Country: USA
Genre: Rock,Pop Rock,Country Rock,Soft Rock
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless [192kHz/24bit]
Full Size: 8.70 GB

The hi-res remastering of the entire Eagles box set was done using the original analog master tapes by Bernie Grundman Mastering using a JCF Audio Latte A/D converter.
The Studio Albums 1972-1979 collects the Eagles' timeless first six studio albums which were all released on the Elektra/Asylum label and saw the band reigning supreme over the 1970s music scene including: Eagles (1972), Desperado (1973), On the Border (1974), One of These Nights (1975), Hotel California (1976), and The Long Run (1979).
Eagles - Eagles :: Eagles is the legendary band's Platinum-selling debut. The critically acclaimed work features the Top Forty singles "Take It Easy," "Witchy Woman" and "Peaceful Easy Feeling." The album played a major role in popularizing Southern California country-rock and is included on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums of All Time." "Take It Easy" is one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's "500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll." Rolling Stone declared the album the best debut of 1972.
Eagles - Desperado :: Desperado is the Eagles' acclaimed sophomore outing. Charting in the United States, the U.K., Canada and New Zealand, the album was an international success. The work includes the signature Eagles' tune "Desperado." "Desperado" is included on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time." It also features the hits "Tequila Sunrise" and "Outlaw Man." Desperado has sold over two million copies worldwide and is certified two-time Platinum.
Eagles - On The Border :: On The Border, the two-time certified Platinum album, features the band transitioning into a harder-rock sound. Reaching the Top Twenty on the Billboard charts, the album features the arrival of Don Felder. On The Border includes the band's first chart-topping hit "The Best Of My Love." Also included are the hit singles "Already Gone" and "James Dean." Absolutely essential.
Eagles - One Of These Nights :: One Of These Nights is the Eagles' fourth studio masterpiece. The album yielded the three Top Ten singles "One Of These Nights," "Lyin' Eyes" and "Take It To The Limit." This four-time Platinum album is the band's first to top the Billboard 200 and won the band its first GRAMMY® for "Lyin' Eyes." "Lyin' Eyes" was also nominated for Record of the Year and One Of These Nights was nominated for Album of the Year. This breakthrough classic was the final album to feature Bernie Leadon and established them as one of America's biggest bands.
Eagles - Hotel California :: Easily one of the most celebrated albums in rock history, Hotel California was both the band's bestselling and most critically acclaimed record. One of Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums of All Time," the album topped the Billboard chart in 1977 and featured two wildly successful #1 singles: "Hotel California" and "The New Kid in Town," both which won GRAMMY® awards.
Eagles - The Long Run :: The Long Run is the band's long-awaited follow-up to Hotel California. The album is certified seven-time Platinum and includes the massive hits "Heartache Tonight," "The Long Run" and "I Can't Tell You Why." It reached #1 on the Billboard charts and spent eight weeks there. "Heartache Tonight" won the band a GRAMMY® for Best Rock Performance By A Duo or Group With Vocal.

Eagles (1972)
01. Take It Easy 3:32
02. Witchy Woman 4:11
03. Chug All Night 3:16
04. Most of Us Are Sad 3:35
05. Nightingale 4:08
06. Train Leaves Here This Morning 4:10
07. Take the Devil 4:01
08. Earlybird 3:00
09. Peaceful Easy Feeling 4:17
10. Tryin' 2:53

Desperado (1973)
01. Doolin-Dalton 3:29
02. Twenty-One 2:10
03. Out of Control 3:05
04. Tequila Sunrise 2:54
05. Desperado 3:37
06. Certain Kind of Fool 3:02
07. Doolin-Dalton (Instrumental) 0:47
08. Outlaw Man 3:34
09. Saturday Night 3:20
10. Bitter Creek 5:03
11. Doolin-Dalton/ Desperado (Reprise) 4:50

On the Border (1974)
01. Already Gone 4:15
02. You Never Cry Like a Lover 4:01
03. Midnight Flyer 3:58
04. My Man 3:30
05. On the Border 4:24
06. James Dean 3:38
07. Ol'55 4:21
08. Is It True? 3:14
09. Good Day in Hell 4:26
10. The Best of My Love 4:34

One of These Nights (1975)
01. One Of These Nights 4:51
02. Too Many Hands 4:40
03. Hollywood Waltz 4:01
04. Journey of the Sorcerer 6:38
05. Lyin' Eyes 6:22
06. Take It to the Limit 4:46
07. Visions 3:58
08. After the Thrill is Gone 3:56
09. I Wish You Peace 3:45

Hotel California (1976)
01. Hotel California 6:30
02. New Kid in Town 5:03
03. Life in the Fast Lane 4:46
04. Wasted Time 4:56
05. Wasted Time (Reprise) 1:23
06. Victim of Love 4:09
07. Pretty Maids All in a Row 3:58
08. Try and Love Again 5:10
09. The Last Resort 7:28

The Long Run (1979)
01. The Long Run 3:44
02. I Can't Tell You Why 4:55
03. In the City 3:45
04. The Disco Strangler 2:43
05. King of Hollywood 6:27
06. Heartache Tonight 4:25
07. Those Shoes 4:55
08. Teenage Jail 3:44
09. The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks 2:20
10. The Sad Cafe 5:32

Glenn Frey - vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica
Don Henley - vocals, drums, percussion, guitar
Joe Walsh - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Timothy B. Schmit - bass, vocals, acoustic guitar
Bernie Leadon - guitars, vocals, banjo, mandolin, pedal steel
Randy Meisner - bass, vocals, guitar, guitarron
Don Felder - guitars, mandolin, vocals, keyboards, pedal steel

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Default Vasco Rossi - Vado Al Massimo (Remastered) - (1981) [2016]

Vasco Rossi - Vado Al Massimo (Remastered) - (1981) [2016]
Label: Fone
Country: Italy
Genre: Pop Rock
Quality: FLAC (tracks,scans)
Bitrate: Lossless [96kHz/24bit]
Time: 36:52
Full Size: 798 Mb

01. Sono Ancora In Coma 2:55
02. Cosa Ti Fai 3:00
03. Ogni Volta 4:14
04. Vado Al Massimo 3:40
05. Credi Davvero 4:45
06. Amore!?! 4:40
07. Canzone 4:10
08. Splendida Giornata 4:30
09. La Noia 4:20

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Default One Trick Grizzly - Bear Witness (2017)

One Trick Grizzly - Bear Witness (2017)
Label: One Trick Grizzly
Country: USA
Genre: Hard Rock
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless [96kHz/24bit]
Time: 45:26
Full Size: 991 Mb

One Trick Grizzly is a hard hitting rock band from Harrisburg, PA with the mission to expand the reach of their music throughout the Pennsylvania area and outward.
John Bocian, Kyle Herb, and Jon Semborski formed the band in September of 2014. We pull our musical sound and inspirations from groups like The Rival Sons and The Black Keys as well as older influences such as Led Zeppelin and ACDC
With the release of the Bear Essentials EP, One Trick Grizzly brings a new feel to a classic genre. Lush with layered fuzz tones, addicting vocal melody, and an all around aggressive attitude, the record boasts the aesthetic of 90's alternative rock anthems. Although songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds the songs together much like a concept album. Most importantly, the EP never really loses track of the emotional platform great songs are built from.
The first single, "I Want You", is a hard edged rock track that brings out the bands dark, but fun side. Complete with an ever catchy chorus, and indie rock guitar riffs, the song builds and breathes as new sounds come through right up to it's high powered break downs.
"The name of the single "I Want You" pulls from the feeling we have towards someone we need and we tried to put that into a powerful, hard hitting song to show that. This song most clearly represents our immediate vision of what we wanted our band to sound like and is the first thing that we wanted our fans to hear when they first hear our music." Explains the band of their single.
Although the single speaks volumes for the EP, to get a real understanding of where One Trick Grizzly is coming from, it should be heard in it's entirety.
"This EP is earliest form of the sound we are try to achieve and has helped us move forward to created our first full length album. It has let us experiment in the studio and led us to find that powerful and catchy sound that we are looking for." Says front man John Bocian of the release and evolution of the bands sound.
Bocian and bassist Jon Semborski started off playing open mics down in York PA during the summer of 2014. As a duo, they played with just an electric and acoustic and focused most live performances on cover songs. After inviting long time friend and drummer Kyle Herb to join them, things began to change. They grabbed a 4 hour long showcase spot at a local open mic and started rehersing more often while learning new covers for their set. Eventually, they honed into a sound all their own and began writing original material of their own. Out of 7 originals, they narrows it down to 3 and decided to record those to release as an EP. The Bear Essentials EP was recorded over a 4 day span with producer and engineer Michael Washkevich who helped shape the sound and feel of the songs with the band. Since then One Trick Grizzly has been back to focusing on live shows, working their on line presence, and writing new material. The band plans to go back to Washkevich to record a full length later this year.
The Bear Essentials EP is now available for streaming and download on most digital outlets and the and the band is consistently booking shows as will be a part of Gettysburg Rocks music festival in February which is a charity event for Four Diamonds Cancer Fund.
As the band themselves put it, "Being a three piece we wanted to be able to create a wall of sound with lots of power and emotion. We just want our fans to get lost in that power and emotion with us.

01. Please You 03:26
02. Hold Fast 03:37
03. Plan of Attack 03:02
04. Blood 03:04
05. Fighting Words 03:07
06. The Feeling 03:40
07. Follow You Down 03:27
08. Shut Me Down 05:16
09. Regret 04:50
10. Thump 03:19
11. How Ya Like Me Now 04:15
12. Big Bad Wolf 04:22

John Bocian - Vocals, Guitars
Jon Semborski - Bass
Kyle Herb - Drums

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Default Rammstein - In Amerika: Live From Madison Square Garden (2015)

Rammstein - In Amerika: Live From Madison Square Garden (2015)
Label (Catalog#): Universal Music
Country: Germany
Genre: Neue Deutsche Harte,Industrial Metal
Quality: FLAC (tracks) / DTS 5.1 (tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless [48kHz/24bit]
Time: 01:35:14
Full Size: 1,2 Gb / 3,47 Gb

RAMMSTEIN made a triumphant return to the U.S. stage for the first time in 10 years, to headline one sold-out concert at New York City's Madison Square Garden.
Shot in high definition with 14 cameras and 5.1 surround audio, RAMMSTEIN's "Live From Madison Square Garden" concert film shows the band in full creative stride as they command the stage for their roof-raising return to New York. RAMMSTEIN's complete performance of 18 songs is captured in the film, clocking in for one hour and 41 minutes of visual and sonic annihilation


1. Rammlied
2. B*********
3. Waidmanns Heil
4. Keine Lust
5. Weisses Fleisch
6. Feuer Frei!
7. Weiner Blut
8. Fruhling in Paris
9. Ich Tu Dir Weh
10. Du Reichst So Gut
11. Benzin
12. Links 2 3 4
13. Du Hast
14. Pussy
15. Sonne
16. Haifisch
17. Ich Will
18. Engel


DTS 5.1
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Default Eric Clapton And Guests - Crossroads Revisited: The Crossroads Guitar Festivals (2016)

Eric Clapton And Guests - Crossroads Revisited: Selections From The Crossroads Guitar Festivals (2016)
Label: Rhino/Warner Bros.
Country: UK
Genre: Blues Rock
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless [48kHz/24bit]
Time: 03:44:34
Full Size: 2.81 GB

Founded in 2004 by the legendary guitarist, the Crossroads Guitar Festival has given fans an opportunity to witness truly historic performances by some of the world's greatest guitarists. A veritable "Who is Who" of guitar music can be heard on this set, including Clapton, Jeff Beck, Gary Clark Jr., Robert Cray, Billy F Gibbons, Vince Gill, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, John Mayer, Carlos Santana, Joe Walsh, Ronnie Wood, and Jimmie Vaughn, just to name a few. This compilation features 40 remastered tracks of landmark performances from all four Crossroads Guitar Festivals, which were held in 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Naturally, the all-star jams deliver some of the collection's most unforgettable moments.
Eric Clapton instituted the Crossroads Guitar Festival in 1999 as a way to raise funds for his Crossroads Centre Antigua, a rehab facility he founded in 1998. Over the next 14 years, the Crossroads Guitar Festival became a semi-regular thing, always featuring a Slowhand-curated crop of guitarists. Barring the 1999 fest, each of these years - 2004, 2007, 2010, and 2013 - were recorded and released as CDs and DVDs, which makes the 2016 triple-disc Crossroads Revisited: Selections from the Crossroads Guitar Festivals a sampler of these particular records. Although Jeff Beck relies heavily on his 1989 album Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop, there are no surprises either in artists or song selections, although the execution can occasionally take a left turn; ZZ Top's heavy, churning "Waiting for the Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago" is entirely instrumental. Time has shifted the tenor of some of the selections, too: B.B. King, Hubert Sumlin, and J.J. Cale have all passed since their appearances at Crossroads, so their presence carries some poignancy. Generally, though, this is big, bright shiny stadium guitar music, a proud showcase for chops whose interest relies entirely on how much the listener likes blues-based rock guitar solos. There are some exceptions to this rule - Sheryl Crow was here to sing country songs in 2010, while 2004 saw Vince Gill and Jerry Douglas stop by and Joe Walsh playing "Steam Roller" with James Taylor, but this is a place where John Mayer and Gary Clark, Jr. are the new guns - although this festival was designed so that Albert Lee, Derek Trucks, Robert Cray, Beck, and Clapton himself could stretch out, which they do repeatedly. Not necessarily performances for the ages but solid all the same.

01. Sweet Home Chicago (Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, Hubert Sumlin, Jimmie Vaughan) (5:26)
02. Rock Me Baby (Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Jimmie Vaughan) (6:10)
03. Steamroller (James Taylor with Joe Walsh) (4:53)
04. What the Cowgirls Do (Vince Gill with Jerry Douglas) (5:35)
05. After Midnight (J.J. Cale with Eric Clapton) (4:44)
06. Green Light Girl (Doyle Bramhall II) (5:20)
07. Hell At Home (Sonny Landreth with Eric Clapton) (5:21)
08. City Love (John Mayer) (4:55)
09. Funk 49 (Joe Walsh) (3:28)
10. Drums of Passions (Jingo) (Carlos Santana with Eric Clapton) (7:38)
11. Cause We've Ended As Lovers (Jeff Beck) (3:55)
12. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (Eric Clapton) (13:47)
13. Layla (Eric Clapton) (6:03)
14. Little By Little (Susan Tedeschi with The Derek Trucks Band) (5:21)
15. Poor Johnny (The Robert Cray Band) (5:54)
16. Paying the Cost to Be the Boss (B.B. King with The Robert Cray Band, Jimmie, Vaughan, Hubert Sumlin) (4:01)
17. Tulsa Time (Sheryl Crow with Eric Clapton, Vince Gill, Albert Lee) (3:44)
18. On The Road Again (Willie Nelson with Sheryl Crow, Vince Gill, Albert Lee) (2:13)
19. Isn't it a Pity (Eric Clapton) (6:01)
20. Belief (John Mayer) (5:58)
21. Mas Y Mas (Los Lobos) (5:56)
22. Big Block (Jeff Beck) (5:24)
23. Presence of the Lord (Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton) (5:18)
24. Cocaine (Eric Clapton) (5:05)
25. Waiting For The Bus / Jesus Just Left Chicago (ZZ Top) (7:21)
26. Don't Owe You a Thang (Gary Clark Jr.) (3:43)
27. Bright Lights (Gary Clark Jr.) (7:24)
28. Our Love Is Fading (Sheryl Crow with Eric Clapton, Doyle Bramhall II, Gary Clark Jr.) (6:37)
29. Lay Down Sally (Vince Gill with Sheryl Crow, Keb' Mo', Albert Lee, James Burton, Earl Klugh) (5:11)
30. Space Captain (Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Band with Warren Haynes, David Hildago, Cesar Rosas, Chris Stainton) (5:35)
31. Hammerhead (Jeff Beck) (4:37)
32. Five Long Years (Buddy Guy with Jonny Lang, Ronnie Wood) (6:37)
33. Hear My Train a Comin' (Doyle Brahmhall II) (3:23)
34. Dear Mr. Fantasy (Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton) (7:08)
35. Born Under a Bad Sign (Booker T. with Steve Cropper, Keb' Mo', Blake Mills, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Albert Lee) (5:10)
36. Everyday I Have the Blues (The Robert Cray Band with B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Jimmie Vaughan) (4:37)
37. Please Come Home (Gary Clark Jr.) (6:33)
38. Tumbling Dice (Vince Gill with Keith Urban, Albert Lee) (5:11)
39. I Shot The Sheriff (Eric Clapton) (8:25)
40. Crossroads (Eric Clapton) (4:51)

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Default The Devil And The Almighty Blues - II (2017)

The Devil And The Almighty Blues - II (2017)
Label: Blues For The Red Sun
Country: Norway
Genre: Stoner Rock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Bitrate: Lossless [48Hz/24bit]
Time: 47:46
Full Size: 563.9 MB

1. These Are Old Hands
2. North Road
3. When The Light Dies
4. Low
5. How Strange The Silence
6. Neptune Brothers

Arnt Andersen - vocals
Torgeir Waldemar Engen - guitar
Petter Svee - guitar, producer
Kim Skaug - bass
Kenneth Simonsen - drums

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