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I have a 3rd gen kindle that I just got for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE it. I use Calibre and have converted all my downloaded books to MOBI and found a bunch of free sources of books to keep me occupied. The only thing is I wish I'd had Kindle when I got Calibre, cause I would have organized it slightly different and now I'm going through and redoing it. But the Kindle is absolutely worth the money. I can't wait til summer comes so I can spend more time outside and actually read my ebooks without the sunlight glaring up the screen!

So far I haven't even used the wifi on my Kindle, just loaded free books I've found and already have about 600 in my Kindle library.
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Quote: Originally Posted by barkybean View Post
Now, I can answer you! LOL!

I have a kindle (second gen) myself. I absolutely love it. I can upload many formats to it including mobi, pdf, doc (and more) - not to mention music too! It allows you to create folders so you can have some control over how the books are organized. I love that Amazon has my books backed up - that means I don't have to keep them all on the kindle without losing them. Anytime I want to reread a book, I just go up to Amazon and redownload to my kindle.

Also, Amazon has apps for different things, like Kindle for PC or Kindle for Iphone, etc. for free. You download and can read your kindle books almost anywhere!

As to DRM, once DRM is broken on an ebook its usable everywhere... depending on the format. To break DRM there are many methods that are probably posted here, or others can help with the different types.

Good luck with your choice!
Thanks BB, also the price.

Ipad Over 300

Kindle Just over 100

so if you're just wanting to read then the Kindle would be the one.
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I have books with expire date. Does anyone know how to remove it and share it with you?:D
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Discussion of other websites is considered Spam/Advertising and is NOT done at tehPARADOX.


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Quote: Originally Posted by barbiep23 View Post
need some help i have a mac computer just bought a printer/scanner combo . I need to know an ideal way to scan and up load my books . and please its a mac computer i m really picky about givin errors on pdf form . what program to use to create the scanned pdf part ?
If you go back to about page 8 or 9 in this thread, they discuss scanning and how to convert. I'm not sure if it'll work on a Mac, but it may help with ideas...
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I really hate it when I read a story and hate the ending...

And then I end up dreaming about the darned book - and I rewrite the ending in my dreams!
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Some of the old plugins are obsolete as of 2/2011. New plugins have been made to keep with the DRM changes made. I have posted them here for y'all. You must remove old plugins before adding the updated ones. PM if you have questions.

Also contains updated py files for those who use python and not calibre to handle DRM some of older ones are also obsolete.

All the best BD

All thanks go to Apprentice Alf as he authors these tools.

Calibre Plugins

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Quote: Originally Posted by barkybean View Post
I really hate it when I read a story and hate the ending...

And then I end up dreaming about the darned book - and I rewrite the ending in my dreams!
I know I hate bath bad endings, and books that you have anticipated breathlessly only to realize the book is AWFUL!
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But what about the other side of that coin, when you pick up a book you've never heard of and it turns out to fabulous? It's rare but it last happened to me with Sara Donati.
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Hi, girls, I really, really wanted to give back to this wonderfully generous forum with its amazing members who have given me so much joy but unfortunately most online sites that sell books do not send purchased books nor accept credit cards from my country "I live in Syria". So I asked my cousin who lives in the States to buy me the books that I've put on the list here Previously & to bring them when he comes on his annual visit on April. But now, considering the current events in my country & the possibility of a civil war, my cousin cancelled his trip for now!
I'm so devastated but I do not know what to do since we are under economic blockade & the country is expecting more political sanctions!
I apologize cause I can't now keep my promise but I'll keep hoping someone brave might decide to come to Syria, then I'll beg them to bring along the novels!
Again, I'm so sorry! Plz accept my love & gratitude. U R the best online supporting community!

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Help Rosanne Bittner's books?

Hi anyone of you guys have Rosanne Bitter's books? Care to share them? Pretty Pleaseeee... Thanks a big bunch...
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Thanks RimaR

I used to have quite an enviable collection of very old MBs. Unfortunately while I was away from home my mother threw them away! If I get any more I'll be sure to let you know
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I have Fiesta S. Antonio in Italian, if anybody understands it...
I bought it in Italy, couldn't resist, and kept it. I love groveling heroes!
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Default scanning question

Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this, but I just got 4 really good Patricia Lake books - hard copies. I don't have a scanner, and my MacBook Pro laptop is work-issued, and a lot of software, I cannot download. What are the best options to get it in soft copy so that I can share? Would I have to...gulp...RETYPE it?

Thank you!
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