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Tick C. J. Cheeryh - Compace Space Series (Chanur novels)

C. J. Cheeryh - Compace Space Series (Chanur novels)

Book One - The Pride of Chanur

When Tully, a fugitive from a spaceship captured by the arrogant, insect-like Kif, takes refuge on the Pride of Chanur, a merchant vessel belonging to a clan of the lion-like Hani, Hilfy, its captain, gives him shelter, in spite of all the dangers she and her crew will face.

Book Two - Chanur's Venture

Pyanfar Chanur thought she had seen the last of Tully, the lone human who had so disrupted the peace of Meetpoint Station and gained the Chanur clan the enmity of half a dozen races as well as their own. But Tully is back, bringing with him a priceless trade contract with human space. A contract which would mean vast power, riches, and a new hornet's nest for Pyanfar and the Pride.

Book Three - The Kif Strike Back

When the Kif seize Hilfy and Tully, Pyanfar and her shipmates enter into a simple rescue attempt that soon becomes a deadly game of interstellar politics.

Book Four - Chanur's Homecoming

The epic conclusion to the Hugo Award-nominated saga begins as alien entities called "humans" send their first exploration ship into Compact space, disrupting the seven Compact races' alliance. Pyanfar Chanur and her feline hani crew give shelter to the only surviving human from the ship, pitching them into the center of a galactic maelstrom which could cause interstellar war.

Book Five - Chanur's Legacy

In this intrigue- and adventure-packed work, Cherryh takes readers back to Compact space, home territory of the advanced catlike race the hani. Here is the story of the next generation of hani and specifically of Hilfy, the new captain of the spaceship Chanur's Legacy. First time in paperback.

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