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Default Black Mesa Source Gameplay Leaked

Lead Dev 'Raminator' has answered some questions regarding the leak, as well:

Is this a leak? Was it released intentionally?

We had always been planning to release gameplay video(s) as part of the social media campaign, and we'd always hinted as such. Unfortunately, we ran into some difficulties while we were wrapping up the build (including several severe FPS drops and crashes) that delayed our plans for the media campaign and any gameplay videos. Once we got those sorted, we started to try to figure out what we could show off; the video that was posted to YouTube was a rough first cut outlining some possible action.

Someone showed someone else something they shouldn't have, and that someone else decided to share that something with the internet. And here we are today. Bottom line is that sooner or later, you were going to see what you saw; that's why we haven't tried to cover everything up or get it taken down. There's no conspiracy, we don't have any ulterior motives.

How old is the build of the game?

The build featured in the video is between four and five weeks old. The art assets, level design, lighting, sound effects and music, voice acting, weapons, gameplay mechanics, etc. are all basically final. You won't be seeing very many changes between what's in the video and what's in the final product.

Is the music actually in-game?

The music in the second half in the video is the actual song from the level, it hasn't been overlaid afterwards. It syncs up well with the action because it's been designed to; the song was specifically written for this area. The audio quality of the YouTube video doesn't do it justice though, and it sounds like the game's music volume was turned up too high while the video was recorded.

Why are there iron-sights in the game?

You can look down the sights of the .357 for a slight zoom and increase in accuracy at the expense of your rate of fire. It was a mechanic that was present in Half-Life: Deathmatch, but we've brought it into the singleplayer to help solidify the weapon's role. We've added an option to the main menu to completely disable that functionality, as a result of the feedback we've received from the video.

The .357 and crossbow are the only weapons that you can use the sights on, and they're for decent gameplay reasons. We aren't casualising or consolifying the mod; you don't have regenerating health, there aren't chest-high walls, you won't get strawberry jam on the screen when you're hurt, etc.

Why does everything look like crap?

The compression YouTube applies has blurred and darkened everything, even at 720p settings. You lose a lot of stuff like the scanlines on the HUD, the stars twinkling in the sky, the moonlight illuminating the launch pad and the hologram illuminating the control bunker, any real texture detail, outdoor characters, etc. I've got the original video at 1080p, and everything looks fine.

Why is the voice acting so bad?

Everything is intentional; the soldiers are meant to sound like over-the-top movie bad guys. We're not interested in trying to get you to empathise with the enemies.

Will this affect the plans for further media or the release?

It has, we're actually going to be moving some things forward. Time has never been on our side.


EDIT:Raminator made another post with info...

Why was the video taken down?

Like I said yesterday, we were always intending to release a video, and this was an early cut that wasn't meant to be posted. Now that it's been leaked, we're okay with it being on the internet because people were going to see it one way or another anyway. However, we strongly feel that it should be on our own terms; it shouldn't be a way for an unrelated third-party to drum up their own publicity.

Are you going to upload a new one?

I'm planning to re-upload the video to our own YouTube channel in 1080p (which I assume is the same one that has been doing the Sendspace/Dropbox rounds on the forums). There's been some debate within the team about recording an updated version that addresses the feedback we've received, but I can't yet confirm if we'll actually be able to do that.

Will you be taking down re-uploads?

No. The video's all over the internet now, and it isn't in anyone's interests to try and cram this particular genie back into its bottle; it's just not going to happen. Thank you to those who have reported mirrors to me, but from here on out we'll just stick with re-uploading it ourselves and letting any other copies be.

My thoughts: Personally, I think it looks stunning. I've seen a lot of complaining regarding pretty trivial aspects like the .357 ironsights but I really couldn't care about any of it.

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I don't care if it's a leak or not, GAMEPLAY. and it looks good. Dig the music as well.
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That game looks pretty damn bad. Valve graphics never advanced past Half Life did they...
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Music reminds me of Flashback :D

Looks cool!
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Quote: Originally Posted by cazmajor View Post
Music reminds me of Flashback :D

Looks cool!
You wrote "flashback" I read...

Boy, was I confused!
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Even sorta like the music in the intro to the game :p

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Oh memories.

On rail - Half-Life
Compare it to the original.
Black Mesa: Source said they wanted to re-imagine the game.
Job well done! (at least that part)
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