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Quote: Originally Posted by Viper2kuk View Post
I think there's still a couple of things you should consider here:

1. Are you after HDD Capacity / Speed?
2. If you're after HDD Capacity what is the maximum that the mobo can handle?
3. Would an SSD benefit your OS and then have your games on a separate HDD (with the primary installation on the SSD)
4. What kind of games are you looking to play both now and in the future?
5. If your PC can be upgraded - is it already maxed out with memory?

SSD's have become more reliable lately - there was an issue with the amount of read and writes that can be performed to an SSD but this in some respect has been resolved but fundamentally it comes down to cost.

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I'm looking for speed + space ( I could spend some extra 50-60 euros )
My mobo can handle up to 3 TB of HDD on a 64 - bit os
I can use the same HDD for the OS,but a separate HDD for my games
I usually play games with good graphics which means they will catch up a lot of space...
I am upgrading my PC since I got it like 5 yrs ago...
It was with an Nvidia 8800 at the start ith a duo core processor some shitty mobo and 1 GB of RAM
I have it now to
560GTX,H55M-E33,i5 760 2.8 GHz quad,4GB RAM
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