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Default CS:GO Release Date

Slated for a 21st August date and at $15 can't wait. feel a little for all those that paid upwards of $40 for a beta key (only to have to buy the game again)

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I never categorized CS as a realistic game, it was a balanced platform in which players could play against one another and had its own physics and rules which we got familiar with and after 9 years of CS 1.6(Some 1.5 as well) I'm not sure if I'll play 1.8, CS:GO seeming like a completely different game.Of course I haven't even got the beta key, so I'll buy it and give it a shot tough I'm not very hopeful
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I don't like games where people have had 10 years to learn the maps. It's only 15 bucks though, it might be a little fun to join up with old friends as BF3 has shattered my friends list between many different games.
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Really loved Counter Strike ever since. Getting hyped for this. Thanks for the info.
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Definitely getting this!
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Not a fan of CS but I cant wait for left 4 dead prequel
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Played cs for 2 or 3 years when it was released on half life as mod, not sure I'm willing to spend $15 on it though, especially since so many games are coming out around the same time.
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i think the $15 pricing is quite shrewd they could quite easily have doubled that. but by pricing it so low (in comparison to other games) they are going to get more people "giving it a go"

me i will get it. loved the whole series and played since it was a halflife mod too. glad i never spent that 50 dollars on a beta now though lol.
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