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Default Fix Broken Quest (Skyrim PC)

I did a search but could not find a Topic about this and I for one can`t stand having a quest I can`t complete on my Journal.

I was about 48 hours into the game when I tried to complete a quest "The Cursed Tribe" it bugged on me the guy I had to escort never moved, the plan was to go back before I started the quest and that was around 40 hours of game so yeah would lose 8 hours of game play.
Then I messed around the command prompt and finally figured out how to fix it more of a by pass:

Commands are in red for no confusion.

You`ll want to enable the Console Prompt just hit the ~ key on your keyboard its next to the 1.

Then type: ShowQuestTargets
use the Page Up and Page Down keys to navigate

They will appear in the same order they appear on your Journal so if its the 2nd quest in the journal it will be the 2nd quest on the console.

You`ll be looking for "Current Quest: "Quest ID" (Like DA07, FAVOR104)

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Then you`ll do a: GetStage "Quest ID"

Write down the result you get, it will be something like 10.00, 200.00

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Then you `ll do a: player.sqs "Quest ID" (Use the same ID)

You`ll see Stage " Random Number": 1 or 0
Stage 10: 1 and so on the :1 means you have done that part you`ll want to get the stage that is after your last :1 write down that number.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Then type in the command: Setstage "Quest ID" "Stage value"

If you done properly your quest will update passing the part your stuck at.

The reason to do a Getstage although the player.sqs shows which stage your at, I had a occasion where it did not show my proper progression on the quest using the player.sqs.
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thanx for doing this really i played this game for like limitless hours man it took a day and night time bro thanx. i will try this now
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thanx it did work but i had to skip a bit more i think but thanx a million man you save my savedata and everything thanx.

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Nice method
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