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Default Question about Mass Effect 3 with legit cd-key

* Do i need TWO legit cd-keys to play Mass Effect 3 in co-op with my team mate?
(We are on the same network, so my mate's IP would be the same as mine...or do we need two accounts to be able to connect to each other and play co-op?)

* Can the Reloaded crack be used with a legit cd-key to login and play online?
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Niente vero

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yep u need two cd key..
i.e. two legit copy owners to play co-op..
reloaded crack doesnt support co-op..
so there's no way u can use a cracked version to play co - op..
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im sure theres gonna be a solution for that too,just give it time.
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Quote: Originally Posted by bravocorp View Post
im sure theres gonna be a solution for that too,just give it time.
It seems unlikely, most games that have their multiplayer cracked run through something similar to tunngle or hamachi. However, that requires the game to have LAN support which I don't think Mass Effect does. An example is BF3 doesn't have cracked servers simply because the PC version doesn't support LAN. Certain games get cracked ie. Call of Duty because I don't think they've updated their engine however I'm not well versed in engines enough to tell you if that's the reason they still get cracked constantly. Despite that, It generally leads to a crappy time due to all the hacking since with cracked online there's no reason to fear a ban.
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