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Default Skyrim: Carriage ride won't work

I'm right outside Windhelm, and I paid the carriage driver to take me to Winterhold for 50 gold. I get in the back like he tells me to, and then the carriage doesn't move. He continues to repeat himself, saying, "Hurry up, then", etc. etc., but the carriage never moves. Anyone else have this problem?

Does being overencumbered affect traveling by carriage or horseback? I wouldn't think it would, but I was overencumbered when I paid the 50 gold to the carriage driver. I tried dropping a bunch of stuff to get my encumberance down, but no luck.
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Same problem with me
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did you pressed E button, to interact or you just jumped to carriage? lol
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I dropped my encumberance down to 100 and the carriage worked.
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Okay. I'm not sure if there's a timer involved or it was just a glitch based on encumberance. I paid twice, and the second time I got it to work. I jumped into the back of the carriage and spoke to the carriage driver from behind. I was not overencumbered the second time I spoke to him, so maybe it makes you waste your gold if you try to book a ride while overencumbered. I'm not sure.

It kind of defeats the purpose of a carriage ride slightly if you can't take it while overencumbered. Surely the carriage can support the extra weight, even if you can't.
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