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Sorry, the above text uploaded twice and it was not my fault. I deleted it by putting this. Please disregard this or delete it. I don't know how to do it.

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To the user who said hes going to newsgroups thats not the answer I did for a while and regret it. It was great for the time I did but major files are now down off hosters within an hour a lot faster than warez, its more expensive and the lack of files is amazing. They are pulling down nzb sites left right and centre nowadays no major nzb site is safe anymore and most content gets wiped and never re-upped. Meaning if you dont get within hours of being released your stuck with not getting at all. It's why I left in the end and came back to Warez.
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Default multihoster

I was using Zevera for a few months with minimal problems that have already been described in earlier posts. Last month I switched to Multihosters because of a "Special Promo 2 for 1 deal" which now I regret immensely. Multihosters seems to host absolutely nothing now and their support is similar. Every site netl..., up...,ex... is unsupported. I urge those of you who are considering Multihosters not to. I just wondering if I am the exception or are there others around with similar problems.
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Tried simply debrid, speeds are horrible and UL is unrealiable at best. Glad I only got a 15 day account.
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Speeds from ALL hosts are horrible through Simply Debrid these days.
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=ε/̵͇̿̿/̿̿ ̿ `o.O

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7 day free trial , requires no credit info

just sign up

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I use Zevera. The service sucks. Hoster after hoster is officially offline. Many that aren't offline simply don't work. Extabit is so slow as to be a joke - 1kb/s!. Rapidgator links take ages for zevera to actually find them despite the link being good. Practically nothing works at all. Multihosters appears to be an offshoot of Zevera. I was browsing there today and found a link to Zevera support in their own support section.
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Using AD and its great so far. Can use the main hosts perfectly fine, there are a few minor issues but no service is perfect.
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I've been using Real debrid for more than a year now and I must say that I am really satisfied. Speed is great these days and the support for torrents and hulu is a plus. The problem with these services is that they are not stable at all. If you want a service working 24/7 then the best option is to buy an account directly from the hoster.
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http://olget.comI've been with olget for over a year and am very happy with the service I only have a
6mb down internet connection I download at 850 kbs on all major hosts with IDM.
They also have a firefox add on. Links resolve quickly and I have had almost zero downtime on any hosts these are the included hosts.A few have daily limits but like I said almost no down time. They also except paypal and it is only 14.99 us for 60 days, this is the best deal I have found. I used to pay more for rapidshare. Rapidshare! LOL
Filehost Status
Depositfiles (2GB left)
Filepost (3GB left)
Letitbit (1GB left)
Lumfile (1GB left)
Rapidgator (3GB left)
Ryushare (3GB left)
Turbobit (4GB left)
Uploaded (9.31GB left)

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Anyone having problems in USA trying to extend your account with premiumize.me. Cant find a place that sells Paysafe cards (went to four near me that they listed and none of them have it) tried visa/mastercard via airpay and it wont work in US. I would love if zevera worked with jdownloader.
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I have a small 3 MBit connection and always get "full speed" (~360kB/s) with premiumize. I used it for about a month now and I'm pretty satisfied so far.
You can only download 31.4GB/day on average but since my connection only delivers ~27GB/day it's fine.
@poster above: i also payed with paysafe but unfortunately i'm from europe so i can't help.
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I've been using Real-Debrid for 1 year now, but this past month has seen far too many down hosters. They are having major problems getting their accounts reinstated and I need to find a new unrestricted downloader.

Is premiumsize really the best alternative?
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Default Alternatives to Real and All Debrid

Just a few days ago I enrolled for a 7 day trial account with premimize.me and so far they had been reliable. Their support is also good.. The download is pretty simple if you are using the IDM you just right click the file and download to IDM..
I am planning of getting a premium account soon..
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