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Default Google Gets the Biggest FTC Privacy Fine in History - and Deserves It

I know, old news, but didn't see it posted on the forum.

Google is about to settle with the Federal Trade Commission for $22.5 million for violating the privacy settings of Apple’s Safari browser. Apple’s default setting prevented third-party sites from tracking users as they visited different sites, but Google (and several other, less reputable companies) exploited a loophole to do it anyway.

Google sets browser cookies - tiny files stored on the user’s computer - to remember a user as he or she travels around the Web and then uses the information it collects to personalize ads. By default, Safari only allows cookies to be set by the site you visit, so tracking the user across different sites is impossible.

But Google and the others used a trick to set third-party cookies through a primary cookie set by the current site. This was a clear violation of Apple’s intent when it created that setting. It also was definitely not a common practice in the industry, as Google wanted the public to believe.

Google initially claimed the loophole was exploited unintentionally but has since backed away from that position. It also quietly changed some Help Center documents that explicitly said that Google didn’t engage in this practice.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, that document was at the heart of the practices the FTC considered when levying this fine. “We have now changed that page and taken steps to remove the ad cookies,” a Google spokesperson told the Journal.

$22.5 million is only about four hours of revenue for Google, but it’s the largest fine ever levied on a single company by the FTC.

For more, visit:
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lol at 22.5m$ for Google, I think Google is laughing and joke about it on some party..

2.2 billion would make them think more about it and be careful next time, and 22 billion would feel as medium impact...

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Only 4 hours of revenue!? Geez, I'm in the wrong line of work. So, does Apple get some of that money or does it go straight to Uncle Sam?
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4 hours of work, some people would live a thousand years and not make close to that =(
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Hate google?
Use: Bing.com, ask.com, yahoo.com
But I`ll still use google ;x
EDIT: Its not so much the amount of money but the media coverage that they are after, since bad publicity hurts any company specially one like google.

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They are still holding wireless data in the UK that they said they deleted.

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely
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duckduckgo and ixquick are the two search engines I stick with. Both are secure and private with customizable settings.
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