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dammit hate it when that happens, just typed a full reply andwhile pressing post im not logged in anymore and my reply is gone grrr.
Well ill keep it short then...
I wanted to tell you hostizzle.com is a great VPN, im a paid member there after a lot of searching for a good and affordable VPN. Considering your privacy read their FAQ they are very clear what is being logged and what not. U can never assume that your 100% safe with any VPN in the end u always have to trust the networks owner on his word.
Their free service is very good already. Paid subscriptions are 4 dollar a month and 10 dollar for 3 months. I have been getting a steady 3 - 3,5 mbit/sec. I just seen that they opened a server in France also, the others are in the US.
If u decide to sign up for a membership please consider using my link, it wont give you a discount over a regular signup though, but i would like it hehe
If its not alowed then remove my link but would appreciate it if the rest of my reply remains because this really is a good vpn run by good guys worth checking out, if not alone for their free service.
Oh it uses the openvpn program but u can request a pptp server if needed, ofcourse that only goes for paid members.
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