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Default Mountain Lion users complain on battery usage

Users who have upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion (theres millions of them), have been complaining about battery performance issues. Some are complaining of it only lasting half of the time than previous versions.

Users are saying that it only lasts a little over two hours. A thread about the battery life issues has gone over 20 pages of people complaining.

One user said:
Im tired of this battery issue. I called Apple Care and first they wanted me to send my Macbook Air (mid2011) in for a replacement battery. I took laptop to nearest Apple Store, which is 2 hours away, and they told me to wipe SSD and reinstall fresh copy of Mountain Lion. Well I did, and still have battery issues. This time I was very selective on what programs to install.

Here are the results prior to Mountain Lion, average 7 hours battery. Now, after fresh install, 2.5 hours. Ive noticed that within the first hour, the battery will drop 30%. Im now pushing 2 hours of light use, and its down to 44%.

For more details, read:
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There goes your $20
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It's a glitch in the Mac-Matrix.
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Apple guys will call it a feature not a failure.
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