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Default PayPal cuts off Bittorrent friendly VPN service

In response to new Internet surveillance initiatives there is a growing interest in privacy enhancing services such as VPNs and proxies.

TorGuard is one of the many companies catering to this demand. As the name suggests, TorGuard has several plans specifically targeted at BitTorrent users who prefer to hide their IP-addresses from the rest of the world.

Being a BitTorrent-friendly VPN appeals to a wide audience. However, the company has also learned that it has a downside. Without prior warning or detailed explanation, PayPal decided to ban TorGuard for promoting their services to BitTorrent users.

The following email was sent by PayPal.

“When we reviewed your account, we noticed that your activity violates some of the agreements you have with us. Because of this, we’ve limited your accounts and can no longer offer our services to you. You’ll still be able to log in to view your transaction history, but you won’t be able to send or receive money.”

Continued here:
P.S. We've also decided to steal your money!
Which is probably the least evil aspect of what's going on there.
They're not known as 'PayEnemy' for nothing....
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Read it yesterday. PayPal has got a too big of a hand in the online money transfering market. But ironically, for the future it's great that PayPal wants to refuse service, since it gives others the opportunity to enter the market and giving us more choice.
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it should be called StealPal or MajorsPal. Disgusting people. They should mind their own business: transfer money taking a transaction fee. No more, no less.
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Paypall must therefore conduct all of their business dealings within the boundaries of the law...... and sh*t like that.... in order to sustain both their clients and their professional image.

If people find out that paypall support piracy in anyway, they will lose that image of professionalism and probably lose customers. Also, they may even make a better name for them selves if they pro-actively fight piracy.
I meant they should be like a Swiss bank where nobody asks where you took the money that is on your coded account or why you wish to transfer one million dollars to a bank in the Cayman Islands. Perhaps we all should think of a Swiss solution :)
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This reminds me of when they decided to stop allowing donations to Wikileaks.
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For anyone that has their account "limited" by Paypal, all they do is freeze your account for 60 days. They do this in case there are any charge backs and can refund the money from those that claim they did not receive what they paid for. After 60 days, your account is still accessible but you may no longer use it to conduct business. Paypal at that time also transfers any money you have in that account, into the bank account you have on file with Paypal. They do not "steal your money", but many will claim they do not conduct business in a manner in which we all expect them to do.
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Amounts to the same thing if you're trying to run a business and someone takes your money away for two months.
Two months of PayEnemy no doubt earning some nice bonus bucks off it.
How many millions are they doing this with at any one time?
Shitty policy, shitty company.

In fact, I've just decided I'm killing my eBay account and my PayEnemy account.
Drop in the ocean to them obviously, but it'll make me feel better.

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I'm starting to hate Paypal more and more.
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i am feeling less and less happy with them, the more i notice these things.
Sad truth is however, that they offer me a service only few other do.
I buy my game key online - guess what payment options i have??
Pizza, my new lamp, computer parts...
I sure hope there will be a better alternative soon, but for now, i have little choice -.-

As for my opinion? They have no dealings playing politics or police. They are a payment service. If my pizza delivery boy, gives me a bad mouth, i kick his teeth in. Wish it would be that easy with paypal.
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Yeah, unfortunately for many of us, Paypal is a necessary evil. I feel the same disgust about eBay and their pro-seller/anti-buyer policies, but being an expat in Thailand if I need something I can't get here I have to use eBay and of course pay via Paypal. I'm guessing it won't be long before a new Paypal replacement appears. Hopefully it will be a reputable and dependable service located outside the US of AmerCIA™.
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While there are alternatives to Paypal the problem is getting the merchants to accept them.
Paypal hasn't and never will accept money for anything they feel is illegal.
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How long will it take before every filehoster/VPN service will start using Bitcoins?
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