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Default Swedish Courts: Imaginary Children Aren't Real

The Swedish Supreme Court has acquitted manga translator, Simon Lundström.

Lundström was convicted of possessing child pornography back in 2010, when authorities found suggestive pictures of bobble-headed, cartoon minors on his personal computer. He disputed the ruling, arguing that you need children for child pornography and that drawings aren't children, but his conviction was upheld by two lower courts, one of which reduced his punishment to a $780 fine and an order that he could no longer offer his services as a "manga expert."

In both trials, the prosecution argued that the images Lundström possessed could be used to entice children into performing sexual acts, and that real children could have been used as models for the drawings. I'm going to assume that last argument sounded marginally less insane in the original Swedish.

Though the Supreme court insisted that the 39 images Lundström was being charged for did constitute pornographic representations of children, it was forced to admit that there is a distinction between fictional children and their aggravating, real-life counterparts. It also claimed one of the images was realistic enough to constitute full blown child pornography, but admitted that prosecuting Lundström on those grounds would violate his freedom of expression.

"The criminalization of possession of the drawings would otherwise exceed what is necessary with regard to the purpose which has led to the restriction on freedom of expression and freedom of information," read a statement from the court.

Lundström later released a statement to the press:

"I'm obviously very relieved, in part because it makes life easier for me personally, but most of all I'm generally relieved for Sweden as a whole," he said. It would have been very hard for me to relate to Sweden as a country if it turned out to be a place that prohibited certain expressions of the imagination."
Hmm, so lines and dots and pixels can actually force someone to do crime... Horrors...
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- - I drawn child boobs, arrest me!
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Hmm, well I can't say I'm in favor for someone possessing drawings of child pornography, but that's not nearly the same as possessing the real thing. At least no child was hurt in the makings of it, and so I gotta, admittedly with reservation, side with the Sw. SC on this one.
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Forgive me if I'm wrong, but aren't those type (when it comes to manga) could be referred as lolicon? I myself find it as an imaginary lust rather than an actual, due to the fact that he does not contain any live child pornography.

One could find any type of argument or debate about it, but I will just leave it at that.
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I say, it may be disgusting, but at least it's not real. No one is affected by this so there should be no problem with it. As long as they don't push what's fake into reality then I say have at it. I mean if someone draws 2 imaginary characters getting killed should he prosecuted for murder? I know may not be the same thing but as I said as long as someone isn't getting harmed then ya, leave it alone.
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well thats a good thing. when the time comes they find imaginary children illegal you just know it'll be like an open door for other things to be made illegal
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This is insane.
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why can't he just be normal and look at regular porn >.>
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This is a pretty cut and dry example of a victimless crime. Keyword: victimless. If no real children were depicted then no children were harmed during the process of whoever drew them and/or whoever saw said pictures.

The only way that changes is if someone proves that the artist did explicit drawings of real children who performed these acts, but if they have "bobbleheads" it is safe to assume that this is simply not possible.

The prosecutor and the police who actually tried to convict this man of a crime are beyond hopeless when it comes to the law.

And for anyone who says, "yeah, but it's disgusting b/c I don't agree with what he looked at..." that may be true, but that doesn't mean this individual doesn't have the right to view it.

Once you give an inch on freedom of expression they take a mile. Next they would then possibly convict someone of a crime if say a man drew a picture of him shooting a celebrity in the head (even if it was meant as a joke). It may sound like a stretch, but you'd be surprised what can of worms can be opened once you allow for the possibility of convicting a person for having distasteful pics of imaginary children committing sex acts that never happened in real life.
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Quote: Originally Posted by darebornsolja View Post
why can't he just be normal and look at regular porn >.>
thats probably you have not watched a single manga... many japanese manga/porns look childish/imaginary characters!
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So my imaginary children aren't real?!?! There goes my tax breaks.
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Sick that it actually went to court, But doesn't surprise me when it comes to Sweden, and the latest, Swedish men has to pee sitting down.. Not a joke. Haven't been pasted yet.


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What a ridiculous story. Poor guy that he got dragged to court for watching fiction. Now his full name is out in the public over nothing.
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Hold on, animation of underage people is illegal as well? Give me a second while I delete my entire folder.
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