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Quote: Originally Posted by PuruJin View Post
Hi y'all..
It seems that the legendary Hippyfreak once posted an iso of sukeban shachou rena..
Now the only downloads i could find of this game were:
1. A megaupload link (doesn't work anymore)
2. A filestube link i thought (doesn't work anymore)
3. A "Download sukeban shachou rena.iso.exe now!" link which i just can't bring myself to trust.
4. A torrent with in it four leechers (including me), all very badly wanting this game but not having seeders.

If anyone has this game, please PM me or start seeding.
Seems like you and I have the same problem. I am also looking for this game, but all I can find are dead links and a torrent that never goes past 90.2%.
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Default Metal Slug Complete (NTSC-J) (Letitbit links) please

Can someone please post Letitbit links for
Metal Slug Complete (NTSC-J)
Thank you
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Thank you Hippyfreak....
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Thank You Very Much for all your work Hippyfreak!
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he is the reason why i got so many Wii games
thanks man!
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There is no doubt that Hippyfreak's thread is the best of this forum. He is the Michael Jackson of the console games to me. Keep it up the greate work. Long live Hippyfreak!
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Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to get a working link for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 PAL Wii ISO?
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