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Default Re: Softmod Wii 4.2u HELP! O_O

hi again!!
got my black sports wii to work great
now my little sis wants her 4.1u to be softmodded (especially since shes prone to scratch her discs by accident and we can put them onto hd for her)

i've been looking for a good guide to help me soft mod it
and I tried to use big stumps method because it worked for my 4.2u
I didnt want to upgrade to 4.3---and didn't know any method to safely upgrade to 4.2u
so anyways

the install of bootmii, dvdx, and homebrew were all successful
but when i tried to uninstall evil ios 249 i get the error message

Uninstalling wad please wait...

deleting tickets... error! (Ret = -4100)
deleting title contents... error! (Ret = -1017)
deleting title... (ret= -1017)

?????Any suggestions?????
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Default Re: Softmod Wii 4.2u HELP! O_O

ok, uninstall everything and follow this guide below


Note: make sure to follow every step and also cios249 is not the problem so wads take a different cios but i still installed it with cios 249
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Default Re: Softmod Wii 4.2u HELP! O_O

for some reason when i try to load the hackmii installer via the wiihacks.com method, it doesnt work, not to mention the fact that the picture of what the files should look like on the sd card (on that website) dont match the files in the folder when i downloaded it
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Quote: Originally Posted by bigstump View Post
For everyone having trouble with step two,"Now to get rid of the evil ios249" download this link and follow the same steps but with these file on the root of you sd. Once done step three will work also
Great work, you save me alot of time and its really simple
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Just want to say thank you all for the hard work and giving all of us the help to be able to mod the wii successfully. Question with the USB Loader GX, it recognizes the iso games i've put inside my drive and when i select the game i want to play it sometimes loads perfectly but within a few seconds it will freeze up. Has this happened to anyone? One more thing, how do i put the images on the WII covers, it's a nice feature but I'm not sure how to load the images onto them. Thanks once again!
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