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Default Total Extreme Wrestling 2005 (TEW05) + Scenarios + Loads of Extras

Total Extreme Wrestling 2005 takes its lead from its predecessor allowing players to take on the role of a wrestling promoter, where it is up to you to try and steer your chosen company to the top of the industry, along the way dealing with prima donna superstars, wars and alliances with other wrestling companies, and the demands of TV corporations! With improved graphics, faster loading times and superior AI TEW2005 will prove to be the most addictive wrestling simulation ever.

As with my EWR 4.2 post, this game is now freeware, but I've included the setup file in with a load of different scenarios you may wish to try.

(For reference, the EWR post can be found here:)

Setup File

TEW Setup File


Before you begin faffing around with data (as this is slightly different than EWR to apply data changes), please check out this tutorial:

Also, here is a tutorial on helping beginners to write storylines on TEW05:

Data Mods (Real World etc)

T-Zone v2 Real World Mod


*Please note - some of these mods are designed for TEW07, but it is believed these work fine in 05 as well, so try at your own risk.

I have not tested any of these scenarios personally, apart from T-Zone v2 above which I CAN confirm works great.*

TCPs Fall Of The One Ring Circus (Real world mod as of July '06):

Fall Of The One Ring Circus - FBL Update (August updates and add-ons to Fall Of The One Ring Circus):

What if Flair Owned WCW by Destroyed:

T-Zone by Forlan (Real life mod set May '06):

1986 by ThisOneGuy:

1993 End Of The Golden Era:

1995 LET THE WAR BEGIN by Grimmas:

1997 MONTREAL SCREWJOB by Carlito Cool:

1998 By TommyTomlin:

2001 Beta by Woodmeister:

2001 By Destroyed:

2002 By Destroyed:

BTM by Chriswok:

C-Verse by Paulskln & Ladz:

D.O.T.T. (1983) By D Boon Ghost:

Death Of The WWE by G.C. (April 2006):


Wrestling Logos:

T-Zones v2 Picture Pack:

Bobinc Pic Pack:

S4L Belt Pack (332 Belts):

McMahon Split Pics:

Brat99's TNA Roster Pics:

Blank Backgrounds:

Lita Tribute Pack (Lots of Lita pics to choose from):

Trish Tribute Pack:

Mr Kennedy's ROH Roster:

3189 Assorted KYKY Cuts (Credit goes to a lot of people. I think some are from original kyky set too)

Pack 1 (500 Pics):

Pack 2 (500 Pics):

Pack 3 (500 Pics):

Pack 4 (600 Pics):

Pack 5 (500 Pics):

Pack 6 (500 Pics):

Pack 7 (89 Pics):

BobInc Custom Background Cut Packs

Diva Search Roster:

ECW Roster:

RAW Roster:

Smackdown Roster:

TNA Roster:

Ring of Honor Roster:

Shimmer Roster:

Gremlinator 4C:

No Passwords needed!

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