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Default CodeVision AVR 2.04.4a (For microcontrollers)

CodeVision AVR 2.04.4a (For microcontrollers)


Now with enhanced IDE, Vista 64bit, ATxmega, MMC/SD/SD HC FLASH Memory Card drivers, FAT access libraries and reduced core (ATtiny5, ATtiny10) support

The popular FreeRTOS is now ported to CodeVisionAVR. More details are available in our Download section.
Added in the examples supplied with the compiler, the port to CodeVisionAVR of Atmelís Application Note AVR1605 ATxmega Boot Loader.
HP InfoTech presents a new version of the most popular (more than 10600 registered users) commercial C Compiler for the Atmel AVR.

Compiler new features:

* redesigned ANSI C compatible C front-end
* improved code optimizer
* the @ operator can now be used with variables located in EEPROM too
* improved and faster linker
* improved COFF object file generator
* improved error/warning reporting
* MMC/SD/SD HC FLASH Memory Card drivers and FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 access libraries with examples and many more..

IDE new features:

* fully dockable windows that allow flexible customization of userís workspace
* improved syntax highlighting for both C and AVR assembly
* function parameters and global structure/union members auto complete
* redesigned Code Navigator that displays project information in a more logical way
* new Code Information tab is present after a project build. It displays detailed information about the included header files, preprocessor macro definitions, type definitions, global/static variable declarations, memory allocation and function definitions
* new Functions Call Tree that displays the maximum data stack usage in the program, with details for each function
* improved code folding and bookmarks with the possibility to save/restore
* automatic matching brace highlighting when the user places the cursor before the brace
* automatic file saving at specified time interval and many more...

V2.04.4a Commercial Release

* fixed: the following functions from string.h employed the LPM instruction, instead of the correct ELPM, when used in boot loaders for chips with 128kbytes or more FLASH and the SMALL memory model: strcspnf, strlenf, strpbrkf, strrpbrkf, strstrf, strspnf
* fixed a small typing error which could lead to assembly errors when initializing, during declaration, bit variables located in GPIOR registers.

PLATFORM: Windows 98SE, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP and Vista x32/x64
FILES : 12.8mb
FIX : Crack


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Default Re: CodeVision AVR 2.04.4a (For microcontrollers)

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Default Re: CodeVision AVR 2.04.4a (For microcontrollers)

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Default Re: CodeVision AVR 2.04.4a (For microcontrollers)

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thank you friend..
wow.. prog is run in windows 7 64bit. yeahh.. i like it
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