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Default Daum PotPlayer 1.5.29162 32bit & 64bit English Version

PotPlayer is a free advanced multimedia player. Done by the same Korean author as The KMPlayer. Considered to be faster and improved version of KMP. Plenty of features and rich customization.

Daum PotPlayer 32bit

Daum PotPlayer 64bit

Release Notes
-Changed file list of broadcasting to improve user security
+Added support for virtual Headphone/Surround/Dolby audio outputs
+Added the ability to customize DVD Navigator and HDTV Demuxer
+Added AMR audio playback
+Added support for Stereoscopic subtitles

-Added support for MP4 EAC3
-Some fixs for MPEG2 with H.264 videos
-Fixed H.264 DXVA problem of Intel GMA 4500
-Improved playback WTV files
-Some fixs for Unicode installation Process
-Some fixes for MP4/MOV format
-Improved speed of broadcast/HTTP streaming
-Added AAC LATM codec support for MPEG format
-Fixed a problem during Pot TV video playback
-Broadcast resolution can be set freely
-Fixed speed problem of LPCM playback
-Fixed de-interlacing problem of AVI playback
-Some fixes for ACM Vorbis compressed files
-Added the ability to select external ASF/FLV Source/Splitter
-Added the ability to select FFmpeg thread processing
-Fixed an issue that some MP4 files does not play
-Some fixes for madVR and HaaliVR
-Fixed an issue where H.264 DXVA does not work correctly on some cards
-Improved DXVA decoding process
-Fixed noise problem while decoding more than 9-bit H.264
-Fixed audio CD playback problem
-Added the ability to customize the mouse settings
-Fixed some broadcasting issues
-Improved chat security
-Fixed some special tags display problem in chatroom
-Added the ability to play MXF files
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