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Cross New AnyDVD & SlySoft Reset Tool and Always Latest Key

novakiller.2.0 (SlySoft Reset Tool)

filesize: 1.323.273 bytes
md5: f011533275ebb4cb16bcb20fae35f9c0

no website of Slysoft right now or company has really disappeared.
all actual products here:
(password: 4all)

this utility resets the trial period for
  • AnyDVD
  • CloneDVD
  • CloneDVDmobile
  • CloneCD
  • Game Jackal (& Enterprise)
successfully checked with w2k, xp, vista, win7, win8(.1), win10, 32/64

novakiller / anydvd howto

first thing: don't use any cracks/patches/activators!
(often they don't work anyway - it looks like but it doesn't)
you need a clean install to run novakiller successfully!
using a key is ok.

if your current version is genuine (unpatched), you don't have to uninstall it.
otherwise, uninstall and reboot.

leave the current or install the genuine version you want to use and go to 1)

1) reboot into safe mode. in safe mode it will work 100% guaranteed. easy script to do so (especially usefull in win8.1) in the code box below.

2) run novakiller as admin.

3) reboot into normal windows - done. 21 days left!

or (e.g. anydvd)

4) if you want to use a leaked key, disconnect your pc from the internet before rebooting into normal windows.

5) after reboot, doubleclick the key to register it or use "Register AnyDVD" (in the start menu) to register the key. then restart anydvd.

6) click the fox icon in the tray. uncheck: "program settings -> automatically check for new anydvd version".
- repeat step 6) for any other users!

7) now you can connect to the internet again.

a fresh leaked anydvd key normally works only with the same current version (or older) - it will become blacklisted soon.

if your installation accidently became blacklisted, novakiller usually deletes the key/blacklist in normal mode without reboot. switch internet OFF, register the key again and complete settings for all users as mentioned above in step 6).

if you use a leaked key, you can't get updates (or you will become blacklisted).
in case of anydvd it's up to the key if hd/bluray is possible (classic-key: no | hd-key: yes)

in my opinion you have some advantages if staying in trialmode:

you don't have to look every some days for a new hd-key (if any) or to use a doubtful patch.
instead run novakiller every 3 weeks, thats it!
you can always use the latest final version and use hd/bluray.
(anydvd beta versions don't run in trialmode since

please reply how it worked for you - thanks!

do you still have problems getting the 21 days trial back or anydvd doesn't work correct?

the most likely reason is that you have more than one slysoft product installed and at least one of them is (or was!) patched/cracked.
a strong indicator is a product which is still registered to somebody (although you have deleted the key - if you ever were demanded by novakiller).

also you might use a setup.exe which is already patched, get a genuine copy at slysoft.com

if so, uninstall ALL slysoft products, reboot, reboot again into safe mode and run novakiller as admin.
delete keys if demanded.
run novakiller again, it should display "nothing found" now.

reboot normal, install genuine slysoft versions and DON'T patch/crack.
better use a key instead or stay in trial mode with all functions.
after 21 days use novakiller to reset trial again.

novakiller / nova-s

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YesMan! This one Worked! THANKS!!!!!!!
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thank you, the other keys and cracks i tried never worked but this one did !
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thank you..i will try this...i'm trying to get to work
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Fox Killer did not work with new AnyDVD But this one worked! Thanks a lot again!
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nice to be back again !

updated post #1
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Default novakiller

Thanks-Works great
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I seem to be having trouble with mine. I have followed novakiller's instructions to the letter, but whatever I do I am unable to backup my blu-ray copy of Predators. I am using v6.7.1.7 by following novakiller's readme but when the disc is read it asks me to download a critical update file. when i click yes a message from slysoft says update request denied - check your licence and try again or contact slysoft support.

please can someone out there who is a super whizz help me out. It would be greatly appreciated :->=
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you can't get updates with a leaked key. latest beta versions don't work in trialmode. this means you have to wait for the next final version or find another solution...
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worked as per instructions.. thanks a lot..
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updated novakiller to version 1.8 in post #1

added and optimized search routines for latest found issues.
improved error handling, little bugfixes.
added original success sound

unfortunately it seems that slysoft has stopped the possibility
of using anydvd beta-versions in trial mode since version
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Can someone help, anydvd with patch was working but now i am getting, file corrupt please check for virus, had do you get rid of this, thanks if anyone can help stepo by step
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novakiller has nothing to do with patching...

read post #1 or refer to the page were you've downloaded that patch
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