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Default O2 Broadband wireless box Thomson ST780WL Firmware upgrade

If you're a UK O2 broadband user then you may be aware that the Thomson ST780WL wireless router (with FW v6.2.27.1) you were supplied with has some resync and line drop issues due to a firmware issue. O2 have an alternative v6.2.27.2 which is said to solve this issue and give higher sync rates and better line stability. However, this alternative firmware is still in the testing stage so they will not let you have it unless you really push the customer service guys over the phone and work your way through all three stages of escalation. Problem solved!, here it is for you to download and upgrade your router . I've tried it myself and it has improved my line sync from around 14500kbps to 16500kbps + no more line drops!!.

Thomson ST780WL O2 broadband wireless box Firmware v6.2.27.2 upgrade download

Only use this if you use O2 broadband!


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