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Default Windows Codename Longhorn All Build ISO (ENG - Final)

Windows Codename Longhorn All Build *ISO* (ENG - Final)

Windows Codename Longhorn All Build *ISO* (ENG - Final)
Legendary OS from Microsoft , which was supposed to be the next after XP (that is, now instead of Vista). Unfortunately, Microsoft was in a hurry with the release, as a result of the original operating system has been reduced by a number of features that were planned to implement. Some people like to try something that has not been fully done. It is just for them, yuzayte. Cobrany following assemblies 3713, 3718, 4033, 4042, 4051 x64, 4053, 4066, 4083 x64, 4093. In the folder Crack is present all that is necessary for activation.

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