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[QUOTE=Dr0;19888541]This is some of my old work, haven't had much time in the last 2 years but yea..

Awesome (old work) I have to give you a 10 for those beauties!
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Gotta give javajunkie a 10 just because I'm an old Elsa Lanchester fan!

I just tried making a quickie out of my profile/avatar pic. Not my best work, nut I wanted a signature, and so I tossed this together too fast.

I'll make a better one later and maybe post again, unless it's too soon. Then I'll give it some time before posting again!

So I'll add it as a pic as well as having it in my signature so when it changes there's some sort of record of what happened

If that is breaking some rule I missed, please delete it and inform me!

edit; my signature isn't showing! Just the hosted pic in the post. Maybe it needs to be approved? Sorry. I'm still new to posting here despite the age of this account - I forgot I had one here and it say unused for years!

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nice signatures.
but why can't i upload gif signatures.
has the mod turned off this feature?
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Just something simple I whipped up, nothing special.
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