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The Long Winded One

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I just finished working on a two Rainmeter skins, the CPU graphs and the HDD display.

Running Dexpot, it is possible to have 4 separate desktop environments.

Currently Running:
Modded Explorer.exe

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Fresh System
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shes dope

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130318 (Background Photo by Gandolph13)

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Professional Russian

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my new desktop with Rainmeter installed

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The Long Winded One

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Location: Not really sure, I'm not fond of going outside. Suffice to say it's on Earth.
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I've Redesigned my desktop... Finished making my custom Rainmeters.

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Time Waster - UI

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I'm an adept of a clean desktop. The gadgets are dimmed to 20% opacity; 100% when hovered.

My Mac Desktop:

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Windows 7 64bit using rainmeter with custom rainmeter panel and Rolling Hard 7 custom theme.

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Quote: Originally Posted by Visual_Paradox View Post
My current desktop with Windows 7 NVIDIA Edition installed.

Wow , that's just spectacular !! Can you tell us where you got that, would love to have it.

Edit : Was it bundled w/Win 7 Nvidia Edition.
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Mine's pretty simple. Running Windows 7 64. as you can tell from the icons I like to download stuff lol.
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My Wallpapers cycle. Running Windows 8 Enterprise 64. You should see mostly games cuz business related items are in a virtual.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Notorious_dog View Post
Hey. Well, I have been using windows 7, with the custom "sonye" Yellow theme since forever!

But only because its been VERY hard to find an alternative theme that was at least equal in quality. and now Iv found one!

(NOTE: The start button is not part of this theme. Its part of the old Sonye theme I was using)

Second wallpaper with a windows explorer window selected, just to show you the colours of my new theme (I think I modified 1 colour in this theme to suit my preference; the "selected item" colour. Or maybe I did that with another theme? idk, lol I forgot.)

Theme comes in three colours, this is the default colour. Link to theme bellow.

here's the link to the theme I have. but I have just realised that there is a newer version It looks a little better. I might get that.

new version! Check it out if you like.

The play icons at the bottom are a "winamp" plugin, which are in my utility tray (the thing next to the windows clock) and I am using "Object dock" by Stardock to display those buttons. The two blue buttons on the left are just unrelated shortcuts of mine.
So when I'm listening to music with winamp, I can place my mouse at the bottom of the screen to bring up the object dock, and select any of the functions that are available. Its really useful, I can even control volume conveniently. Its better than the windows sneak peak crap.

Winamp plugin
If you need any help just let me know. (PM is better cuzz I wont be checking back here often)

The theme is missing the top strip in windows explorer. Personally that only bothers me a little but, but not much, because the only fucntion I used was the
"Display preview pane" function, oh and create new folder. but both can be accessed either by right clicking or using the shortcut Alt p
For more shortcuts check:
blurred folders..i see what you did there ...
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very nice desktops, i would show mine but its a mess haha.
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