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Hello Everyone :D

im finally done with the exams and i came back with two new art works

A sculptor


And a design


For the Sculptor , im not rly pro at it but i love working with clay " exactly like any other girl " x3
but i was inspired by my teacher and thx to her i made this sculptor, tho its not done yet :p

And for the design i just saw this tutorial
and i liked the idea of creating furry creatures so thats it :P

Hope u like it ^-^
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I personally thought the sculpture was pretty cool. The cat... not so much but still better than what many people can do! Especially me since I can only appreciate art, not create it.
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I liked the cat one. Really nice. thanks for sharing.
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yh the cats great :D
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Is there a character limi

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tbh I didnt like the sculpture. :\

The pic was cool!

And thax for the tut aswell.
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