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Music Beardfish - Sleeping In Traffic Part Two (2008)

Sleeping in Traffic: Part 2 starts as you might imagine, where Part 1 left off. Following someone's day, this is the night time segment opening fittingly with As the Sun Sets, a short Piano only instrumental. Into the Night is next and those seventies influences are immediately apparent, particularly from the strong use of (Hammond?) Organ and the organic production. Dynamics aplenty throughout this excellent track; each player having the musical technique to cope with the twists, turns and subtleties evident not just here, but throughout the album.

First listen I thought The Hunter was going to be an instrumental (we always get a few of these from Beardfish) but at just over 2 minutes the vocals come in for an excellent up tempo melodic piece including a great Keyboard solo. South of the Border as the lyrics state is the story of Gad-About- Garth, a bit of a womaniser it seems...or maybe not! With hilarious lyrics (Zappa influences definitely here) to compliment the excellent instrumentation capturing the band at their heavier end in places.

Cashflow is a typical idiosyncratic Beardfish instrumental and holds the listeners interest throughout its 6 minutes. After the upbeat Cashflow, in contrast we're taken to darker places with The Downward Spiral/Chimay, a more moody atmospheric track.

The overall strength of this album will naturally lie with the 35 plus minute title track; fortunately it's brilliant! There are many instrumental interludes throughout, starting with a strong 4 minute opening section before things come down for some melancholic vocals. The listeners interest is maintained throughout with all the Beardfish trademarks present including an amusing Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees) pastiche when our hero enters a seventies disco. It's a good time to mention David Zackrisson who along with Sjoblom plays some tasty Guitar, always playing to what the track needs rather than bombast and overplaying like many, no names mentioned, might do. The same can also be said of the rhythm section comprising of Bassist Robert Hansen and Drummer Magnus Ostgren who hold together the many twists and turns with ease.

And to close we go full circle to where Sleeping in Traffic: Part 1 started with Sunrise Again, a continuation of the keyboard only album opener As the Sun Sets.


1. As The Sun Sets (1:13)
2. Into The Night (8:52)
3. The Hunter (5:57)
4. South Of The Border (7:43)
5. Cashflow (6:08)
6. The Downward Spiral/Chimay (7.10)
7. Sleeping In Traffic (35.44)
8. Sunrise Again (1.37)

Total Time: 74:24
170 MB 320 kbps

- Rikard Sjöblom / vocals, keyboards
- David Zackrisson / guitars
- Robert Hansen / bass
- Magnus Östgren / drums



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Thanks for the upload
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