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Default George Carlin - Toledo Window Box

George Carlin - Toledo Window Box

George Calin IS the best comedian around. I have this CD from when it first came out on vinyl. I was very exicted when all his older stuff was finally coming out on CDs. This, along with all his other albums, is absolutley hilarious. I garuntee you will crack up, i still do even after hearing it a thousand times. This is a must have for anyone who likes to laugh.
Track Listing
1. Goofy Shit
2. Toledo Window Box
3. Nursery Rhymes
4. Some Werds
5. Water Sez
6. The Metric System
7. God
8. Gay Lib
9. Snot, the Original Rubber Cement
10. Urinals are 50 Percent Universal
11. A Few More Farts

Artist: George Carlin
Album: Toledo Window Box
Release Date: 1974
Label: Atlantic
Genre: Comedy
Codec: mp3
File Type: rar
File Size: 15 MB
Bit Rate: 48 kbps
Cover Included

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