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(͡ ͜ʖ ͡) Members Bumping New Threads on Link Adds (͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

Do not BUMP your thread within 48 hours of posting, unless you have reported and asked for a Title Change to include new series # or new File-hosts or new resolutions.


[UL]TV Series Series 1 to [UL]TV Series 1 + 2 (2 Ongoing)

[UL] TV Series 1 to [MULTI] TV Series 1

[UL] TV Series 1 to [MULTI] TV Series 1 720p

This is in ADDITION to Rule 11

Thread starters: DO NOT BUMP YOUR THREADS WITH UNNECESSARY INFORMATION (e.g. "you're welcome", "up", and so on...). Creating duplicate accounts to bump your own threads will get ALL accounts banned.

Please NOTE warnings may be given if Staff think it's a deliberate BUMP
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We are receiving more and more reports of cross postings.

What is Cross Posting?

Cross posting is when a member posts the same thread in different forums or when they post the same thread several times in the same forum, if you wish to post another set of links then do so in your existing thread.

If you are posting a new set of links because the others are dead or invalid, then please use the REPORT Button and ask the staff to remove the dead thread.

Cross Posting carries a 1 point warning, continue to carry on Cross Posting and more warnings will be issued, until you are eventually banned.

Obviously if you double post(I.E. 2 Threads same time) due to time out or such then this will be taken into consideration.

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Posting of TV Shows

ALL TV-shows related threads MUST be posted exclusively in the "TV Shows" sub-forum, regardless of rip/release type and source resolution (SD, HD, Blu-ray etc.).
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