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Emoticon Smile Dragonlance Novels

Here are a collection of Dragonlance Novels.
These are all that are available on the internet in ebook form.
However, if I'm mistaken and someone has some I don't, please, post them.

This is what is included:

Dragonlance Novel List

Age Of Mortals:
The Lioness - pdf, rtf

Barbarian Trilogy:
Brother of the Dragon - pdf

Bertrem's Guides:
Bertrem's Guide to the Age of Mortals - pdf
Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls - pdf

Chaos War:
The Doom Brigade - pdf, txt

The Chronicles Trilogy:
Dragons of Autumn Twilight - pdf, html, epub
Dragons of Winter Night - pdf, rtf, epub
Dragons of Spring Dawning - pdf, rtf, epub

The Lost Chronicles:
Dragons of the Dwarven Depths - pdf, rtf, epub, mobi
Dragons of the Highlord Skies - pdf, rtf, epub, mobi, html
Dragons of the Hourglass Mage - pdf, rtf, epub, mobi, html

The Second Generation:
The Second Generation - pdf, rtf, epub
Dragons of Summer Flame - pdf, rtf, epub

Dalamar the Dark - pdf, rtf

D & D Accessories:
Book of Exalted Deeds - pdf
Complete Arcane - pdf
Complete Warrior - pdf
Draconomicon - pdf
Heroes of Battle - pdf

Dark Disciple Trilogy:
Amber and Ashes - pdf, epub
Amber and Iron - epub
Amber and Blood - epub

Dhamon Saga:
Downfall - pdf, rtf

Dragonlance Accessories:
Dragonlance Classics - Four Official Game Adventures:
Dragons of Despair, Dragons of Hope, Dragons of Flame, Dragons of Desolation - pdf
Wild Elves - pdf
Kencyclopedia - Kender Handbook - pdf
Art of Dragonlance - pdf
Bestiary Of Krynn - pdf
Book of Lairs - pdf
The Legacy of Raistlin - pdf
Dragonlance Campaign Setting - pdf
The Atlas of the Dragonlance World - pdf

Dragonlance Bibliography & Chronological Novel Check List:
Dragonlance Bibliography - pdf
Dragonlance Chronological Novel List - pdf
Dragonlance Novel Checklist - txt

Dragons Anthology:
The Dragons of Krynn - pdf, rtf, lit
The Dragons at War - pdf, rtf, lit
The Dragons of Chaos - pdf, rtf, lit

Dragons Of A New Age:
The Day of the Tempest - pdf, lit

Dwarven Nations:
The Covenant of The Forge - pdf, lit
Hammer and Axe - pdf, lit, rtf
The Swordsheath Scroll - pdf, lit

Elven Nations:
Firstborn - pdf, lit
The Kinslayer Wars - pdf, lit
The Qualinesti - pdf, lit
Elven Nations Trilogy Omnibus - lit


Heroes I Trilogy:
The Legend of Huma - pdf, rtf, lit
Stormblade - pdf, rtf, lit
Weasel's Luck - pdf

Heroes II Trilogy:
Kaz, the Minotaur - pdf
Gates of Thorbardin - pdf, lit

Kang's Regiment:
The Doom Brigade - pdf, rtf

Kingpriest Trilogy:
Chosen of the Gods - pdf, rtf

Time of the Twins - pdf, rtf, epub
War of the Twins - pdf, rtf, epub, lit
Test of the Twins - pdf, rtf, epub, lit

Lost Histories:
The Irda - pdf, rtf, lit
Land of the Minotaurs - pdf

Lost Legends:
Tales of Uncle Trapspringer - pdf, lit
Fistanadantilus Reborn - pdf, rtf, lit

Kindred Spirits - pdf, rtf, lit
The Companions - pdf, rtf, lit


Preludes I Trilogy:
Darkness And Light - pdf, rtf, lit
Kendermore - pdf, rtf
Brothers Majere - pdf, rtf, lit

Preludes II Trilogy:
Riverwind - pdf
Flint the King - pdf, rtf
Tanis, The Shadow Years - pdf

Raistlin Chronicles:

The Soulforge - pdf, html, epub, txt
Brothers in Arms - pdf, epub, txt

Reader's Companions:

The Odyssey of Gilthanas - pdf, rtf


Tales I Trilogy:
The Magic Of Krynn - pdf, rtf, lit
Kenders, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes - pdf, rtf, lit
Love And War - pdf, rtf, lit

Tales II Trilogy:
The Reign Of Istar - pdf, rtf, lit
The Cataclysm - pdf, rtf, lit
War Of The Lance - pdf, rtf, lit

Tales of the Fifth Age:
Heroes And Fools - pdf, rtf

Tales From the War of Souls:

The Search for Magic - pdf, rtf, lit

The Warriors:
Lord Soth - pdf

Before the Mask - pdf, rtf
The Black Wing - pdf, rtf
Emperor of Ansalon - pdf, rtf
Hederick the Theocrat - pdf, rtf
Lord Toede - pdf
The Dark Queen - pdf, rtf

War of Souls:
Dragons of a Fallen Sun - pdf, rtf, epub
Dragons of a Lost Star - pdf, rtf, epub
Dragons of a Vanished Moon - pdf, rtf, epub, lit

Z - Other Series' by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman:

Darksword Trilogy:
Forging the Darksword - pdf
Doom of the Darksword - rtf
Triumph of the Darksword - rtf
Legacy of the Darksword - pdf

Death Gate Cycle:
Dragon Wing - rtf
Elven Star - rtf
Fire Sea - rtf
Serpent Mage - rtf
The Hand Of Chaos - rtf
Into the Labyrinth - rtf
The Seventh Gate - rtf

For Free Users:



All files have been ripped, archived and uploaded from media I physically own and have purchased.
They are to be used strictly for backup purposes only.
Thank you for your cooperation.
This is MY upload, not yours B******. No copy & pasties 4 u!
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thank you very much ive been surching this for a long time
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Great collection, thank you!
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Insane!! Thanks so much for this!!
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Thanks for the much difficult to find Darksword saga!
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Wow! Thanks so much.
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Read the first two chronicles and the books are littered with spelling errors and missing lines or words. Maybe the other books are better but the first two chronicle books from this DL was like that so you aren't missing out on much. Still many thanks all the same to Myrddin8453 for posting.
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Awesome share!! Thanks
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Thank you!
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multi link is down.
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Quote: Originally Posted by BlackKnight6667 View Post
multi link is down.
The single-file link works, and does not require you to have a rapidshare account.

Downloading it now, myself.
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