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Default How To Install Acid Pro 7 Using Key Gen

Ive had many problems getting this program to activate under windows 7. I have found out the easiest way to get this cracked for anyone who is having issues with the authorization code coming back invalid.

The files and keygen im referring to are the same ones located on this site. they all have the Digital Insanity Crack/Keygen. You can find this by using the search tool for Acid Pro 7

Ok after many trouble with this I found out how to properly crack this program. First thing to do is turn off your virus scanner as it will pop up as a false positive and may render the keygen useless.

After that is done install the program normally.

After that Take the key gen and drag it to the desktop.
If your running Vista or 7 you need to right click on the key gen and run as administrator.

Once you have it up go ahead and select Acid Pro 7.0. Click Generate. Now that you have generated a serial and activation code. Before anything click patch.

Now you need to select the correct Acid folder to patch it correctly. There will be 2 sony folders in your program folder. The one you want to open is the one that says Sony. NOT the one that says Sony Setup. Once you open that folder your Acid pro folder will be visable. (example Program Files/Sony/Acid Pro7)

Open that and click ok. It will patch the files needed to crack the program. Once it successfully patches. keep the key gen open and and start Acid Pro 7.

Select I have a serial and copy and paste the serial from the key gen to the program.

Next select register from a different computer.

Now make up a name and address. This will not be shown online it will be saved as a file on your computer.

After that youll need the activation code. Copy and paste that and youll be all set.

Close the keygen turn on your antivirus and have fun.

A nice tool I use with Acid is drumsite. It allows for one to create life like drum sounds and use with Acid. You can get that here.

If this was helpful plz click thanks

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Default Re: How To Install Acid Pro 7 Using Key Gen

This tutorial works completely. Follow these instructions to a "T", and you will be all set!

Thanks demonhunter5110 for this informative guide!
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Default Re: How To Install Acid Pro 7 Using Key Gen

thank you.still had a prob with the online reg part but the patch lesson worked great.I'll re install and see if that helps.
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Default Re: How To Install Acid Pro 7 Using Key Gen

thanks man, this solution works with ACID Music Studio 8 aswell. I was having the problem of the program not accepting the authorisation code but then followed your guid and its now working perfect. Cheers!
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thanks a lot
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Thank you so much this worked a treat :) happy days !!!!
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I'm getting an error everytime I try to patch it. Almost completes and then an error pops up. Any help?
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