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Default Inner Self Image Program by Michael Mackintosh

Inner Self Image Program by Michael Mackintosh


Inner Self Image Program by Michael Mackintosh
English | 640x360 | H264 | AAC 96kbps | 1.56GB
Genre: eLearning

Want to know the REAL SECRET behind ?The Secret? and ?The Law of Attraction??
Discover the secret keys to personal change and achieve rapid growth within your life.

Welcome to Living in Magic
3 simple steps to assist you in
- 0vercoming whatever is holding you back,
- feeling great NOW &
- making fast & effective changes to your inner and outer worlds

Have you ever wondered WHY, despite all your attempts, it is so hard to actually make the changes and achieve the things you desire in life?

After so many workshops, programs, retreats, and books, why do you still feel the same? What will it take to make a profound difference in your life?
The Answer is so simple and small it can easily go unnoticed (it took me 10 years to work it out?)

Did you know, RIGHT NOW, at this very moment, you have an image of yourself within your mind? It is how you see yourself and your life. It is your ?inner self image.?

Your Inner Self Image is a combination of all your previous experiences, beliefs, and conditioning. This ?little blueprint? of who you are creates everything you are experiencing in your life right now.

The Inner Self Image Program, simple, yet extremely powerful, allows you to go straight to this place within to discover the root of all the problems in your life and effect permanent change.
If you change your Inner Self Image, you change your life.
If you don?t change your Inner Self Image, your life will remain pretty much the same.

Here are just a few examples of how your negative inner self-image effects your life:

? creates fear of your full potential and the responsibilities that accompany it
? perpetuates judgment, low self-esteem and fear of being alone
? dulls creativity and passion
? blocks your dharma /purpose
? diminishes intuition and confidence in your inner guidance
? breeds feelings of social anxiety & low confidence
? enhances a feeling of vulnerability in a presumably threatening world
? contributes to a sense of separation from others

The Program has 3 Simple Steps
STEP 1. Journey deep into your inner world

Guided by the meditation, you will journey deeply into your sacred subtle inner world to see and feel your CURRENT Inner Self Image.

Through this process, you will gain profound insights into your life, your patterns, and why things are the way they are now. This is healing in itself.

STEP 2. THE MAGIC: Transform your Inner Self Image

Once you have revealed your Inner Self Image, you will tap into this Limitless Source of Possibility. As this happens, as if by magic, your Inner Self Image transforms into a higher version of yourself, capable of changing your feelings, thoughts, and cells and sending out new vibrations to the universe.

STEP 3. Ground in the NEW YOU

Once you experience this shift, you will be open to accept this new reality. Feel it in your body, write it down & share it with others. This step enables you to go from inner fantasy to practical reality. In this step, you bring this NEW YOU into your practical reality and begin to realize real life shifts easily.

Upon receipt of this program, you?ll be able to dig right in by watching the easy to follow video. It?s that easy.

What do you get?

The Inner Self Image Program is a 21-day life transformation system that includes everything you need to create deep inner changes.

The Living in Magic Inner Self Image Meditations
The foundation of the Program is the Inner Self Image Guided Journey. This powerful meditation takes you on a journey to discover and then transform your own inner self-image. There are two parts to the journey, the full version (to acquaint you with the process) and the condensed version (for faster access to this state so you can do it any where, anytime).

Inner Self Image Bonus Training Videos

Gain more valuable insights on how your inner world creates your other world and how to apply the Inner Self Image System to various aspects of your life including:


? Use the Inner Self Image process to improve ANY Relationship ? and make it last!


? The Top 2 Secrets to Creating Money & Abundance


? Discover how the Inner Self Image Program helps you tap into the unlimited healing field so you can Experience Better Health


? Learn how you can fast track our manifestation abilities as you visualize your new projects, goals and outcomes


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