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Default Nephew Tommy Prank Calls (Uncut & Uncensored)

Nephew Tommy Prank Calls (Uncut & Uncensored)

This is a collection of prank calls from the radio show "The Steve Harvey Morning Show". Completely Hilarious.

Track List:
1-01 Intro.mp3
1-02 Upright Trashcans.mp3
1-03 Yo Wife Tina Is My Brother Tim.mp3
1-04 You Gotta Pay Child Support Unt.mp3
1-05 Are You Using The N Word.mp3
1-06 Yo Wife Is Havin My Black Baby.mp3
1-07 My Mama Tree.mp3
1-08 You Stole My Crystal.mp3
1-09 You Messed Up My Mama Hair.mp3
1-10 Snitchin.mp3
1-11 The Blind Barber.mp3
2-01 Boomerang Stop Selling Yo Book.mp3
2-02 Yall Cut The Wrong Yard.mp3
2-03 Raymond In The Closet.mp3
2-04 You Gotta Move Your Boat.mp3
2-05 You Been Seeing My Wife.mp3
2-06 Can I Borrow Your Woman.mp3
2-07 My Name Is Cutty.mp3
2-08 My Comb & Brush In Yo Uncle's C.mp3
2-09 Who You Voting For.mp3
2-10 Stop Using The N Word.mp3
2-11 The End.mp3

File Size: 158MB
Contributing Artist: Nephew Tommy
Year: 2008
Genre: Books & Spoken

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