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Star QuickStart Capture One 4.5-iNKiSO

QuickStart Capture One 4.5-iNKiSO

QuickStart Capture One 4.5-iNKiSO | BIN | 117 MB

Capture One is the premier RAW conversion software from Phase One, manufacturer of the Phase One medium format back. It features full file management capability, image download process, color correction, cropping, noise reduction and sharpening. It?s very easy to use and moderately priced. Upgrades are free and the quality of the conversions is nothing less than impressive. Skin tones take on a new realism and the brilliance of the output from the new 14 bit DSLRs is outstanding. This VTC course will show you everything about Capture One from your CF card to print output.

Took Hours / Days To make new thread and to Upload.
Takes Only 5 sec. To Say Thanks.
So Please Say Thanks To Keep This Topic Alive.
Feel Free To Ask if You Have Any Difficulty.
**** For high speed and parallel downloads, you can buy premium account !
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