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Default + 6 Tracie Peterson titles for you Dodons

Quote: Originally Posted by dodons View Post
For Dodons' Tracie Peterson Collection THERE

Alaskan Quest 3 - Whispers of Winter
Desert Roses 2 - Across the Years
Desert Roses 3 - Beneath a Harvest Sky
Yukon Quest 1 - Treasures of the North
Yukon Quest 2 - Ashes and Ice
With Judith Pella - Ribbon West 1 - Westward the Dream

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Default + 2 for Dodon's Maggie Robinson Collection

Quote: Originally Posted by dodons View Post
Maggie Robinson Collection

1. Lords of Passion (with Virginia Henley, Kate Pearce)
2. Improper Gentlemen (with Diana Whiteside, Mia Marlowe)
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Default For Oleanderblossom's Janet Chapman

Addition 1:
Janet Chapman's The Heart of a Hero
(4th in Spellbound Falls series)

Quote: Originally Posted by Oleanderblossom View Post

Spellbound Falls
1. Spellbound Falls
2. Charmed By His Love
3. Courting Carolina
4. The Heart of a Hero (March 2013)
.mobi / .epub / .pdf

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Montana Maverick: Striking it Rich

Paging Dr. Right / Mr. Right? by Stella Bagwell
Her Best Man by Crystal Green
I Do! I Do! by Pamela Toth
A Family For The Holidays by Victoria Pade
A Cowboy Under Her Tree by Allison Leigh

Montana Mavericks: Thunder Canyon Cowboys

McFarlane's Perfect Bride by Christine Rimmer
Taming the Montana Millionaire by Teresa Southwick
From Doctor...to Daddy by Karen Rose Smith
When the Cowboy Said "I Do" by Crystal Green
Thunder Canyon Homecoming by Brenda Harlen
A Thunder Canyon Christmas by Raeanne Thayne

Montana Mavericks: The Texans Are Coming!

Resisting Mr. Tall, Dark & Texan by Christine Rimmer
The Baby Wore a Badge by Marie Ferrarella
His Country Cinderella by Karen Rose Smith
The Hard-to-Get Cowboy by Crystal Green
A Maverick for Christmas by Leanne Banks
Her Montana Christmas Groom by Teresa Southwick

Montana Mavericks: Back in the Saddle

The Last Single Maverick by Christine Rimmer
Puppy Love in Thunder Canyon by Christyne Butler
Real Vintage Maverick by Marie Ferrarella
The Maverick's Ready-Made Family by Brenda Harlen
A Maverick for the Holidays by Leanne Banks
The Maverick's Christmas Homecoming by Teresa Southwick

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A.C. Arthur - INCOMPLETE collection

Missing in red

Donovans series
1. Love me like no other (2006)
2. A Cinderella affair (2007)
3. Defying desire (2009)
4. Full House seduction (2009)
5. Touch of fate (2011)
6. Desire a Donovan (2012)
7. Surrender to a Donovan (2012)
8. Pleasured by a Donovan (2012)
Holiday hearts (2011)

Love in the Lime Light series
Sing your pleasure (2012)

Rules of the game series
1. Rules of the game (2011)
2. Redemption (2012)
Revelations (2012)

Shadow shifters series
1. Temptation rising (2012)
2. Seduction's shift (2012)
3. Passion's prey (2013)

Office police (2004)
Love me carefully (2006)
Within the shadows (2007)
Heart of the Phoenix (2007)
Wanting you (2007)
Guarding his body (2008)
Object of his desire (2008)
Second chance, baby (2008)
Indecent exposure (2009)
Unconditional (2009)
Summer heat (2010)
Winter kisses (2011)
Indecent proposal (2011)
Decadent dreams (2013)

Love for all seasons (with Sapphire Blue, Barbara Keaton and Maureen Smith) (2007)

All in one (ePub format)

Thank you to the original uploaders!!!
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Supplements for Jennifer Blake Collection

Suppl 02

A Vision of Sugarplums
Joy and Anger
Love and Smoke
Love at Sea
Night of the Candles
Pieces of Dreams.
Snowbound Heart (
The Storm and the Splendor
The Tuscan's Revenge Wedding

Suppl 03

Captive Kisses
Dark Masquerade
The Bewitching Grace

Love and Adventure Collection - Part 1
The Storm and The Splendor
Love’s is Desire

Love and Adventure Collection - Part 2
Surrender in Moonlight
Notorious Angel
Golden Fancy

Rebel's Redemption Bundle
Outlaw Bride
The Quest
The Rogue’s Redemption
Guarded Heart
Tycoon’s Valentine Vendetta

PM me for the password ( the same as for the Collection)

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Supplement - Madeline Baker Collection

Dakota Dreams
Lakota Love Song
Renegade Heart

The password is the same as for the original Collection

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Supplement for Stella Bagwell Collection


A South Texas Christmas
His Medicine Woman
The Best Catch in Texas.

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One more book for Catherine Anderson Collection


A Harrigan Family series
Perfect Timing (2013)


PM me for the password ( the same as for the Collection)

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Dinner at 8 - Multi -Author Series COMPLETE

His Marriage Ultimatum (2004) by Helen Brooks
The Carlotta Diamond (2005) by Lee Wilkinson
The Millionaire's Prospective Wife (2005) by Helen Brooks
Tamed by Her Husband (2005) by Elizabeth Power
The Millionaire's Runaway Bride (2006) by Catherine George
The Bejewelled Bride (2006) by Lee Wilkinson
The Billionaire's Marriage Mission (2006) by Helen Brooks
The Christmas Bride (2006) by Penny Jordan
Wife by Contract, Mistress by Demand (2007) by Carole Mortimer
Jed Hunter's Reluctant Bride (2007) by Susanne James
The Rich Man's Bride (2007) by Catherine George
Wife by Approval (2007) by Lee Wilkinson
The Padova Pearls (2007) by Lee Wilkinson
His Christmas Bride (2007) by Helen Brooks
The Millionaire's Convenient Bride (2007) by Catherine George
The Billionaire Boss's Secretary Bride (2008) by Helen Brooks

various formats

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Default Multi-author series: The Coretti's

Sicily's Corretti Dynasty
(multi-author series, 2013)

.05: Uncovering the Corretti's by Carol Marinelli (5/13)
01: A Legacy of Secrets by Carol Marinelli (5/13)
02: An Invitation to Sin by Sarah Morgan (6/13)
03: A Shadow of Guilt by Abby Green (7/13)
04: An Inheritance of Shame by Kate Hewitt (8/13)
05: A Whisper of Disgrace by Sharon Kendrick (9/13)
06: A Facade to Shatter by Lynn Raye Harris (10/13
07: A Scandal in the Headlines by Caitlin Crews (11/13)
08: A Hunger for the Forbidden by Maisey Yates (12/13)


Thanks to OU Fullybook

************************************************** ******
Please PM me if the link is down.
If you like this, please press the TY button.
And, please DO NOT share my links outside the forum.

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Tara Taylor Quinn Collection - INCOMPLETE

Missing titles in pink
Can be read separately in green


Chapman Files
1. The First Wife (2010)
2. The Second Lie (2010)
3. The Third Secret (2010)
4. The Fourth Victim (2010)

It Happened in Comfort Cove

1. A Son's Tale (2012)
2. A Daughter's Story (2012)
3. The Truth About Comfort Cove (2013)

Shelter Valley Stories
1. Becca's Baby (2000)
2. My Sister, Myself (2000)
3. White Picket Fences (2000)
4. Just Around the Corner (2001)
5. Sheltered in His Arms (2001)
6. The Sheriff of Shelter Valley (2002)
7. Born in the Valley (2003)
8. Nothing Sacred (2004)
9. What Daddy Doesn't Know (2004)
10. Somebody's Baby (2005)
11. Full Contact (2011)

Yesterday's Secret (1993)
McGillus V. Wright (1994)

Dare to Love (1994)
The Heart of Christmas (1998)
My Babies and Me (1999)
Gabe's Special Delivery (2000) (Anth. Valetine Babies
His Brother's Bride (2002)
Where the Road Ends (2003)

For the Children (2003)
Street Smart (2004)
Hidden (2005)

The Promise of Christmas (2005)
A Child's Wish (2006)
In Plain Sight (2006)
Merry Christmas, Babies (2006)
The Night We Met (2007)
Sara's Son (2007)
Behind Closed Doors (2007)
Trusting Ryan (2008)
The Sheriff's Daughter (2008)
The Holiday Visitor (2008)

At Close Range (2008)
Tomorrow's baby
A Daughter's Trust (2009)
It Happened on Maple Street (2011)
Four Times the Trouble (2012)
It's Never Too Late (2013) NEW !!!
Second Time's the Charm (2013)

Valentine Babies (2000) Gabe's Special Delivery (with Jule McBride and Anne Stuart)
The First Man You Meet / Jacob's Girl (2001) (with Debbie Macomber)
Mother's Day (2001) The Birth Mother
Lost in the Night (2002) Father Unknown (with Barbara Delinsky and Anne Stuart)
Christmas Wishes, Christmas Gifts (2002) The Heart of Christmas (with Day Leclaire)
Yesterday's Memories (2003) Father: Unknown (with Amanda Stevens)
Knock Three Times / For the Children (2004) (with Muriel Jensen)
25 Years (2005) Best Friends (with Margot Early and Janice Macdonald)
From Here to Maternity (2006) A second Chance)(with Inglath Cooper and Karen Rose Smith)

The Valentine Gift (2007) VALENTINE’S DAUGHTERS (with Jean Brashear and Linda Cardillo)
A Bundle of Valentines! (2008) Gabe's Special Delivery (with Jacqueline Diamond, Kate Hoffmann, Muriel Jensen, Wendy Rosnau and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
Confessions Bundle (2008) What Daddy Doesn’t Know (with Lilian Darcy, Jo Leigh, Kara Lennox, Anne Mather and Margaret Moore)
Trusting Ryan / Way Home (2008) (with Jean Brashear)
Holiday Visitor / Christmas in Key West (2008) (with Cynthia Thomason)
Best of Valentines 2008 (2009) The Valentine Gift (with Jean Brashear, Yvonne Lindsay, Christine Rimmer and Sherryl Woods)
Trusting Ryan / Bachelor's Stand-in Wife (2009) (with Susan Crosby)
Holiday Visitor / Worth Fighting for (2009) (with Molly O'Keefe)
Daughter's Trust / For the Love of Family (2010) (with Kathleen O'Brien)

A Taste of Romance: Reaper's Heart / Good Girl / Any Man of Mine / Secret Agent Seduction (2012) (with Michele Hauf, Jennifer Morey and Debbi Rawlins)

Series contributed to

Bundles of Joy
Sophie's Secret (2009)

Family Man
Jacob's Girls (1995)
The Birth Mother (1996)

Little Secret
1. Her Secret, His Child (1999)
5. The Secret Son (2002)

Maitland Maternity

4. Cassidy's Kids (2000)

Marriage of Inconvenience
3. Shotgun Baby (1997)

Men in Uniform
The Sheriff of Shelter Valley (2002)

More Than Words (with Stephanie Bond, Candace Camp, Heather Graham and Brenda Jackson)
5. More Than Words, Volume 5 (2009) "The Mechanics Of Love”

Nine Months Later
Another Man's Child (1997)
Father: Unknown (1998)

Texas Hold 'em
1. The Baby Gamble (2007

Trueblood Texas
15. The Rancher's Bride (2002)
Trueblood Christmas (omnibus) “Beth” (2002) (with Jasmine Cresswell and Kate Hoffmann)

various formats

It's Never too Late

PM me for the password

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Stephanie Bond Collection - INCOMPLETE

Missing titles in pink
Can be read separately in green


1. It Takes a Rebel (2000)
2. Seeking Single Male (2000)

1. In Deep Voodoo (2005)
2. Finding Your Mojo (2006) aka Voodoo or Die

Body Movers
1. Body Movers (2006)
2. 2 Bodies for the Price of 1 (2007)
3. 3 Men and a Body (2008)
4. 4 Bodies And A Funeral (2009)
5. 5 Bodies To Die For (2009)
6. 6 Killer Bodies (2009)
Body Movers books 1-3 (omnibus) (2009)
6 1/2 Body Parts (2012) ( Novella)

Sex for Beginners
1. Watch And Learn (2008)
2. In a Bind (2008)
3. No Peeking... (2008)

4 Encounters
Seduction by the Book (2009)

Southern Roads
00. Baby, I'm Yours (2011)
1. Baby, Drive South (2011)
2. Baby, Come Home (2011)
3. Baby, Don't Go (2011)
Baby, Hold On (2012)

Irresistible? (1997)
Kids Is a 4-letter Word (1997)
Naughty or Nice? (1998)
Wife Is a 4-Letter Word (1998)
Club Cupid (1999)
Our Husband (2000)
Too Hot to Sleep (2000)
Got Your Number (2001)
Two Sexy! (2001)
I Think I Love You (2002)
Kill the Competition (2003)
Party Crashers (2004)
Whole Lotta Trouble (2004)
Cover Me (2004)
My Favorite Mistake (2005)
Dirty Secrets of Daylily Drive
50 Days to Choose Your Husband
Her Sexy Valentine (2010)
Almost a Family (2011)
License to Thrill (2011)
Three Wishes (2011)
Stop the Wedding! (2012)
The Arrangement (2013)

Manhunting in Mississippi (1998) Manhunting in Mississippi (with Julie Kenner)
Perfect Summer (1999) Irresistible? (with Janice Kaiser, JoAnn Ross and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
Behind the Red Doors (2003) Door #2: Sheer Delights (with Leslie Kelly and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
In Too Deep (2003) It Takes A Rebel (with Barbara Delinsky)
Lovestruck (2003) Irresistible / Kids is a 4-letter Word / Wife is a 4-letter Word
Strangers in Paradise (2004) Club Cupid (with Joanne Rock)
Fool for Love (2004) Nobody's Fool (with Judith Arnold and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
Back in the Bedroom / Cover Me (2004) (with Jill Shalvis)
Tempt Me Twice (2004) About Last night / Seeking Single male
Christmas Party (2004) Naughty or Nice? / Christmas Fantasy (with Janelle Denison)
Love So Tender (2005) Taking care of Business (with Jo Leigh and Joanne Rock)
3 Guys You'll Never Date (2006) You Can Leave Your Hard Hat On (with Jennifer LaBrecque and Rhonda Nelson)
Valentine Fantasies (2006) Valentine Vendetta / My Favorite Mistake (with Sharon Kendrick)
Heat Wave (2007) Rex on the Beach (with Heidi Betts and Leslie Kelly)
Summer Fever (2008) Mischief (with Kate Austin, Heidi Betts, Jennifer Greene and Leslie Kelly)
Under the Mistletoe (2008) NAUGHTY OR NICE? (with Linda Howard)
One-Click Buy: October Harlequin Blaze (2008) Watch and Learn (with Lori Wild, Jo Leigh, Sarah Mayberry, Crystal Greek, Cindi Myers,)
One-Click Buy: November Harlequin Blaze (2008) (with Dawn Atkins, Lori Borrill, Tori Carrington and Kimberly Raye)
Sand, Sun...Seduction! (2009) "Enticed" (with Leslie Kelly and Lori Wilde)
One-Click Buy: October 2009 Harlequin Blaze (2009) (with Karen Anders, Jacquie D'Alessandro, Samantha Hunter, Jennifer LaBrecque and Kimberly Raye)
The Blaze Collection (2010) Her Sexy Valentine (with Kate Hoffmann and Leslie Kelly)
Her Sexy Valentine / Play with Me / Charmer (2010) (with Kate Hoffmann and Leslie Kelly)
Rugged Rebels (2010) (with Kara Lennox and Jeanie London)
Once Upon a Valentine (2012) All Tangled Up (with Leslie Kelly and Michelle Rowen)
Love Can Be Murder (2012)
Mad About You (2012)

SEAL of My Dreams (2011) (with Jami Alden, Kylie Brant, Helen Brenna, HelenKay Dimon, Tara Janzen, Leslie Kelly, Elle Kennedy, Alison Kent, Jo Leigh, Gennita Low and Marliss Melton)

Too Hot to Print (2009)
Bump in the Night (2012)

Series contributed to

Wrong Bed
7. About Last Night... (1999)

Wink & a Kiss (with Kimberly Raye and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
8. Midnight Fantasies: Mystery Lover / After Hours / Show and Tell (omnibus) (2000)

Adrenaline Rush
3. Just Dare Me... (2006)

Million Dollar Secret
1. She Did A Bad, Bad Thing (2007)

More Than Words (with Candace Camp, Heather Graham, Brenda Jackson and Tara Taylor Quinn)
5. More Than Words, Volume 5 "It's Not About The Dress" (2009)

various formats

PM me for the password
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