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Default Emma Rose - Chosen by the Billionaire

Emma Rose - Chosen by the Billionaire

When Caroline discovers that the giant company she works for, BioTech Industries, has laid off most of her department due to 'budgetary concerns' when the board of directors were padding their pockets, she decided to let the board have it. She didn't expect to encounter the company's handsome billionaire owner, Brett Derringer. Nor did she expect to be chosen to be his personal assistant. To be chosen by the billionaire, however, pushes her in directions she has never gone before.

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Default Stella Cameron - Rossmara Family 03 - Bride

Stella Cameron - Rossmara Family 03 - Bride

Published January 1st 2001 by Warner Books (first published December 1st 1995)
original title: Bride
ISBN: 0446601756 (ISBN13: 9780446601757)
edition language: English
series: Rossmara Family 03
setting: Scotland, 1824 (United Kingdom)

She Was Innocence

Lady Justine Girvin, the Duke of Franchot's elegant spinster sister, decided to grab one last chance for happiness—by doing something incredibly scandalous. Defying convention, she had traveled alone to a Scottish castle to find the mysterious Straun, her brother's friend, and to ask him to teach her all about love.

He Was Desire

Straun Rossmara, Viscount Hunsingore, was sequestered with his two young charges in the Highlands, trying to escape a sinister past that, through a blackmailer's scheme, was finally catching up with him. His dark secrets always kept him at a distance—Justine's friend, never her lover. Now the suppressed fire within him leaped into flame at her guileless request, daring him to give her a lesson in a kind of passion she never knew existed and set loose a hunger that could damn—or save— them both.

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Default Stella Cameron - Rossmara Family 04 – Beloved

Stella Cameron - Rossmara Family 04

Retail Version

Published October 1st 1996 by Warner Vision
original title: Beloved
ISBN: 0446601764 (ISBN13: 9780446601764)
edition language: English
series: Rossmara Family 04
setting: London, England, 1828 (United Kingdom)

*His Hidden Fury*
Five years earlier Saber, the Earl of Avenall, had won her young fancy, then mysteriously vanished. Now fate reunites them, and Ella stands before him: grown, beautiful, seductive. Even as Saber swears never to taint her with his own dark demons, he cannot resist her. Nor can he stand idle while vicious ton gossips set out to ruin her. As their passion grows, so does his inner torment. Yet Ella knows that together they must face society—and each other's secrets—if they are to realize the full bliss of their love.

*Her Forbidden Past*
Haunted by a scandalous girlhood, Ella Rossmara vows to find happiness. In London for the Season, she is matched to a man she detests—but yearns for another, the enigmatic Earl of Avenall, the man they call Saber.

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Having Her Boss's Baby
A novel by Susan Mallery (2006)
Book #1 in The Positively Pregnant Series

When Noelle Stevenson saw the positive results of her pregnancy test, she didn't know what to do. The baby's father was gone, killed serving his country in Iraq. And nineteen-year-old Noelle was barely making ends meet putting herself through college and working part-time. So when her take-charge boss, Devlin Hunter, offered to marry her –– in a purely temporary business arrangement –– how could she possibly refuse?
Dev wanted to do the right thing for a woman in need. But he didn't anticipate that his beautiful bride, wed in a marriage of convenience, would stir his hardened heart. This platonic partnership was rapidly headed down the road to romance....

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Music Lorraine Heath - The Last Wicked Scoundrel (2014)

K, I thought this was already posted but nothing comes up in the search.

Lorraine Heath - The Last Wicked Scoundrel (The Scoundrel of St. James #5 - epub)

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lorraine Heath brings us the eagerly awaited final story in the Scoundrels of St. James series.

William Graves is the last of Feagan's scoundrels. A onetime grave robber turned royal physician, he has devoted his life to saving others—because he knows there is no way to save himself. Especially not around a lady like Winnie. Though undeserving of her touch, he cannot resist. His passion cannot be tamed…even in the face of certain danger.

Winnie, the Duchess of Avendale, never knew peace until her brutal husband died. With William she's discovered burning desire—and the healing power of love. But now, confronted by the past she thought she'd left behind, Winnie must face her fears…or risk losing the one man who can fulfill all her dreams.

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Default Margaret Moore - Maiden and Her Knight 03 - All My Desire

This ebook is courtesy of dorabk11
Margaret Moore - Maiden and Her Knight 03
All My Desire

Published March 27th 2012 by Avon
(first Published October 1st 2002 by Avon)
asin: B007HB5SDE
format: Kindle Edition
Published March 27th 2012 by Avon
series: Maiden and Her Knight #3
characters: Alexander DeFrouchette, Lady Isabelle

When a bold knight kidnaps the wrong lady, he ends up with more than he bargained for!

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A novel by Fern Michaels (2013)
Book #22 in The Sisterhood Series


Myra Rutledge isn't ready to mothball the Sisterhood just yet. When Maggie Spitzer, former editor-in-chief of the Post and an honorary member of the Sisterhood, arrives with a new mission in mind, the Vigilantes are soon gathering in their war room once more. While catching up on each other's lives, they plan a brilliant campaign against a duo of corrupt judges running a moneymaking racket that sends young offenders to brutal boot camps, often on trumped-up charges. Their enemies are powerful and ruthless, but the Sisterhood have their own formidable allies –– including former President Martine Connor. Once their scheme takes off, the guilty won't know what hit them...

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Somebody To Love
A novel by Lori Wilde (2013)
Book #3 in The Cupid, Texas Series

Sexy cowboy-scholar Jericho Chance always knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. And after sauntering back home to Cupid, he’s shocked to discover that he wants Zoe McCleary.
After years from home, he takes one new look at his bubbly best friend, with her lightning smarts and luscious body, and it hits him like a bolt: she’s his somebody to love and he’s not leaving town again without her.
Settling down always seemed like a time waster to Zoe, a man magnet with a trail of broken hearts behind her. She’s not meant to settle down — but how can she resist someone as persuasive as Jericho? There’s no way they can ignore the explosive chemistry seething between them . . . even if it means risking their friendship.

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Default Carol Townend - Shattered Vows - Revised Edition

Carol Townend - Shattered Vows - Revised Edition
***Retail Version***

Shattered Vows - Revised Edition (ebook)
isbn13: 97817830121
format: ebook
Published 2013 by ebookpartnership

Rosamund Miller enjoys a chance May Day encounter with Oliver de Warenne, a squire from the castle. The attraction is mutual and instant but Rosamund is already betrothed, and Oliver’s heart is set on becoming a knight. He knows the chaos of King Stephen’s reign will give him plenty of chances to prove himself. He can’t marry a lowly miller’s daughter.

Rosamund marries. Then, to her horror, her overlord Sir Geoffrey Fitz Neal decides to exercise the little-known droit de seigneur – the lord’s right to take a bride on her wedding night. When the man entering the bedchamber turns out to be Oliver, Rosamund is relieved.
The problem is that Oliver is the only man she has ever wanted. Can she trust herself?

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Default Leigh Michaels - Strictly Business

They had always been "just friends". Gianna West and Blake Whittaker were senior partners of the successful family-owned Westway Cosmetics in Chicago.It was a perfectly satisfactory relationship -- friends since childhood,they were impervious to all matchmaking attempts. Until Gianna suggested they name their new perfume after a world-famous model. It seemed a brilliant marketing ploy, until Blake started dating the ravishing model,Meghan. Too late Gianna realized her own folly. She wanted more that Blake's friendship -- she wanted his love

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thank you so much. Have been looking for this book for a very long time You have made my day!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by ssolitar View Post
The Clergyman's Daughter by Julia Jeffries

Signet Regency Romance -- January 1983


When Jessica. a poor parson's daughter, secretly wed the dashing aristocrat Andrew Foxe, she set in motion the wagging tongues of Regency society, which preyed on such delicious scandal. The union also outraged Andrew's older brother. the arrogant. Maddeningly attractive Graham Foxe, Earl of Raeburn.

But now after a tragic change of circumstance, Andrew was gone, and Jessica thoroughly eager and absolutely determined to flee her elegant marriage cage. But little did she realize that her charming enemy, Graham, was equally determined to keep lovely Jessica and her obvious assets strictly within the confines of the family compound. Considering her brazen past escapades. Jessica deemed the arrangement only mildly shocking--relatively speaking....

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Default Shirlee Busbee - For Love Alone (2013 reprint)

For Love Alone
by Shirlee Busbee

Release Date: Dec 2013
(first published on May 2000)

Vows Are Made To Be Broken

Stung by a troubled marriage, then freed by the veil of widowhood, Lady Sophy Marlowe vows she will only wed again for love alone. But her penchant for being in the wrong place at the wrong time finds her accused of a crime she didn't commit, and then accepting the calculated proposal of Viscount Ives Harrington to save her neck from the gallows. For the once-committed bachelor, he finds the marriage of convenience a direct passage into intrigue and harrowing danger. As the two flee over land and sea from a world bent on destroying them, the fate they can hardly resist is rushing toward them, fulfilling the desire that burns between them. . .
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Default Susanna Ives - Wicked Little Secrets

Susanna Ives - Wicked Little Secrets

Published December 3rd 2013 by Sourcebooks Casablanca

It's Not Easy Being Good...

Vivacious Vivienne Taylor has finally won her family's approval by getting engaged to the wealthy and upright John Vandergrift. But when threatened by a vicious blackmail scheme, it is to her childhood friend that Vivienne turns; the deliciously wicked Viscount Dashiell.

When Being Wicked is so Much More Exciting...

Lord Dashiell promised himself long ago that his friendship with Vivienne would be the one relationship with a woman that he wouldn't ruin. He agrees to help her just to keep the little hothead safe, but soon finds that Vivienne has grown up to be very, very dangerous to all of Dash's best intentions.

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Default Bronwen Evans - A Kiss of Lies

A Kiss of Lies: A Loveswept Historical Romance by Bronwen Evans
Series: The Disgraced Lords #1
Published Date: January 14, 2014
Random House LLC

In Bronwen Evans’s Loveswept debut, a pair of damaged souls ignite each other’s deepest passions—even as they tempt fate by deceiving the world.

Desperate to escape her abusive past, Sarah Cooper disguises herself as a governess in the employ of Christian Trent, Earl of Markham, the man who, long ago, she fantasized about marrying. Despite the battle scars that mar his face, Sarah finds being near Christian rekindles her infatuation. A governess, however, has no business in the arms of an earl, and as she accompanies Christian on his voyage home, Sarah must resist her intense desires—or risk revealing her dangerous secrets.

One of the renowned Libertine Scholars, Christian Trent once enjoyed the company of any woman he chose. But that was before the horrors of Waterloo, his wrongful conviction of a hideous crime, and his forcible removal from England. Far from home and the resources he once had, Christian believes the life he knew—and any chance of happiness—is over . . . until his ward’s governess sparks his heart back to life, and makes him remember the man he used to be. Now Christian is determined to return to England, regain his honor, and win the heart of the woman he has come to love.

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