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The Pregnancy Secret - Cara Colter

Back in her husband's arms!

Jessica Brennan couldn't wait to marry gorgeous Kade and fill their rickety house with children. Not being able to live that dream tore them apart.

CEO Kade may not have been able to fix their marriage, but he can finally fix up the house. Except working together only rekindles their love… One night with her husband can't hurt, can it…? Unless it has dramatic, life-changing consequences!
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Still Married To Her Ex! by Lucy Clark

To have and to hold—all over again?

Dr. Molly Wilton's life is turned upside down when her ex-husband reappears and drops a bombshell—they're still married!

Molly never expected to see Dr. Fletcher Thompson again, but that's not the only reason she's going weak at the knees…Fletcher is more gorgeous than ever!

Now that he's back, Molly is remembering just how special Fletcher is. Despite all that's come between them, could the first man Molly fell in love with be the man she needs forever?
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New Logan's Legacy Series by Various Authors (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(.AZW3)

Logan's Legacy Series By Various Authors (Books 1-20.. 1-3 & 4 are anthologies)

#1-3 Triplets Found
The Virgin's Makeover by Judy Duarte
Take a Chance on Me by Karen Rose Smith (Triplets Found)
And Then There Were Three by Lynda Sandoval (Triplets Found)
#4. Mother By Design
Lily's Expecting by Susan Mallery
Jenna's Having a Baby by Laurie Paige
Rachel's Bundle of Joy by Christine Rimmer
#5. To Love and Protect by Susan Mallery
#6. Secrets and Seductions by Pamela Toth
#7. Royal Affair by Laurie Paige
#8. For Love and Family by Victoria Pade
#9. The Bachelor by Marie Ferrarella
#10. A Precious Gift by Karen Rose Smith
#11. Child of Her Heart by Cheryl St. John
#12. Intimate Surrender by RaeAnne Thayne
#13. The Secret Heir by Gina Wilkins
#14. The Newlyweds by Elizabeth Bevarly
#15. Right By Her Side by Christie Ridgway
#16. The Homecoming by Anne Marie Winston
#17. The Greatest Risk by Cara Colter
#18. What a Man Needs by Patricia Thayer
#19. Undercover Passion by Raye Morgan
#20. Royal Seduction by Donna Clayton

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2 books by Joan Overfield

Her Ladyship's Man
He was far too young to be a butler, and too handsome by half …

Although blessed with exceptional beauty, Lady Melanie Crawford possessed a sharp mind and an equally sharop tongue. Thus, at three and twenty, the willful ambassador’s daughter was still unwed – a situation her father vowed to rectify with a London Season.

Melanie, outraged at coming out like some silly schoolgirl, soon had bigger fish to fry: her father was suspected of treason!

Determined to capture the realy spy and clear her father’s good name, Malanie turned her suspicious eye to all members of their London household. Why, of course! The butler. Too young and charming to be authentic, Davies was certainly her man. Pity, if he weren’t a butler or a spy, she might be quite smitten with him …

The Sinister Spinster
A Passionate Spirit …
Adam Darrach, Marquess of Falconer, is on a mission to enlist the wealthy Earl of Derring’s support for a diplomatic cause. Duty has its limits, however, and spending more time with the earl’s insufferable family has Adam at the end of his tether. His saving grace is Miss Elizabeth Mattingale, the household’s only genuine treasure. Despite her efforts to appear diffident and demure, the charming young lady captures Adam’s attention – and more – with her quick wit and feisty nature. But attraction battles suspicion as he learns more about her past …

Or a Treacherous Soul? …
It is difficult indeed for a woman of Elizabeth Mattingale’s caliber to tolerate the indignities of her employment as Lady Derring’s companion, but she has her reasons for doing so, and will bear the drudgery for as long as she must. Only the dashing Lord Falconer treats her with respect. From the moment he intervenes on her behalf in a potentially dangerous situation, she is drawn to the enigmatic man who has appointed himself her protector. But even in love Elizabeth must tread carefully, for she harbors secrets that could endanger both their lives, forcing her to choose between old loyalties and new desires …
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New Logan's Legacy Revisited Series by Various Authors (.ePUB)+

Logan's Legacy Revisited Series by Various Authors (Book 1, 3, 4, 5, 6)

#1. The Couple Most Likely to by Lilian Darcy
#3. Mr. Hall Takes a Bride by Marie Ferrarella
#4. The Baby Bargain by Wendy Warren
#5. One Man's Family by Brenda Harlen
#6. Always a Bridesmaid by Kristin Hardy

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