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Brides of Beckham Series by Kirsten Osbourne (6, 8-9, 14, 17)

6. Mail Order Maternity
The happiest day of Estherís life quickly becomes a nightmare when she finds her husband dead in their fields. Now she is pregnant with no way to provide for her unborn child and her in-laws will soon evict her from her home. Becoming a mail-order bride will meet her needs, but will it allow her to find love and happiness?

Thomas is surprised to read the letter he receives from a young widow who is pregnant. He agrees to marry her, but wonders immediately what heís gotten himself into. Was marrying a pregnant woman really the best idea?

8. Mail Order Motherhood
When Clara's husband dies and leaves her with two children and a farm she can't run on her own, the bank evicts her small family, and she needs to find a new home fast. She answers an advertisement to be a mail order bride, hoping that the agency will find a place where she can not only be useful, but her children can be loved.

Recently widowed Montana rancher, Albert, can't raise his children alone, but won't risk loving another woman. Albert is convinced that he'll never love another woman like his deceased wife. When Clara shows up with two children, he's certain heís made a mistake by taking another woman into his home. Can Clara convince him that together they can be a happy family?

9. Mail Order Matron
At thirty-four, Julia had given up on love. She had spent sixteen years nursing her sick mother, and now that her mother had passed on, she had no idea what to do with herself. She answered an advertisement to be a mail order bride, knowing she needed a new beginning.

Edward, a Kansas farmer, had been alone for six years since the death of his wife. He was sick of eating his own cooking, tired of living in filth, and more than anything, he was lonely. He sent off a letter to try to find a bride, hoping against hope someone would answer it. When Julia stepped off the train, she was nothing like he'd expected her to be. Could a marriage based on mutual loneliness work out?

14. Mail Order Misfortune
When Anna arrives to meet her groom two weeks later than expected, she is more than a little surprised to find him already married. It's just her luck that she finds his new wife to be one of the sweetest women she's ever met. She reluctantly takes on the role of teacher for her new community, hoping that she will be able to make a place for herself there.

Jesse moves to Wiggieville, Texas, with his young son, hoping the two of them can leave his son's mischievous reputation behind. When he's called in for a meeting with the schoolteacher, he's shocked when she berates him for the way he's raising his son. After getting her fired, he does the only thing he knows to do, but will he ever find a peaceful life with the little spitfire?

17. Mail Order Mistletoe
Meg O'Reilly wonders what ever made her want to be a teacher. The last four members of the demon horde are making her life miserable. When one of them slaps a copy of the Grooms' Gazette on her desk and tells her to go see their older sister so she can find her a groom, she reads through the paper and decides to do just that. Confident in her decision, she sends a letter to the man she chooses that very day.

The one thing Lars Borgen is not looking for is love. He wants a wife to share his life, his work, and his bed, but he doesn't ever expect to feel any tender emotions for her. Expecting a plain bride, he is startled when beautiful Meg steps off the train looking for him. Will he be able to hold steadfast and keep from falling in love? Or will his sweet, pretty bride win him over, giving him a second chance at love?
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Chantelle Shaw - The Frenchman's Captive Wife [HP-2594, Wedlocked!] (retail) (epub)

Emily Vaillon left her husband, Luc, a year ago. She couldn't stay with a man who clearly didn't love her--especially after she discovered she was pregnant. Now Luc is back, demanding to see his son: Emily must go to his cha teau to play the role of mother--and wife. When they're thrown together the chemistry between them escalates. But how can Emily win back Luc's trust--for herself and their son?
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